Day 153- Hanging

My Flickr groups have been given short shrift (is that really a word?) by me lately, so today I am going with a topic suggested this week- hanging.  Besides, my current favorite model flew back to San Diego today, so I am back to mostly inanimate objects.

So here is one of my straw hats hanging on our antique hat rack by the front door.

This was edited (not much) in Adobe Lightroom 4, which I downloaded again today (earlier this year I played with the Beta).  This time I have made a commitment to learn it, because there is so much more support out there for this program compared to Apple Aperture 3. I’m tired of being in an “elite” minority, no matter how much I love Apple products.  Adobe products for photography are here to stay; I’m not so sure about Aperture.  And besides- Lightroom is currently so much better than Aperture.

One response

  1. Nice shot. It’s an interesting angle and I love the shutters in the background as well. I may be joining you with Lightroom before too long. Aperture has been giving me fits the past few days.

    June 1, 2012 at 6:15 pm

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