We have just returned from a visit to our daughter’s family in Alaska. While the best part of the trip was family time with our dear ones, the best family ACTIVITY was hands-down the 26 glacier cruise on Prince William Sound. We had a few doubts, because the sky has been hazy and smoky due to the ongoing Kenai fire- but despite that, it was a glorious day!

And what are those specks in the foreground, you ask? Sea otters!  We saw dozens- and I grew so used to them, I didn’t even realize they were in this shot at first!

Clouds at Bell Rock

While Lonnie and our friends Kathryn and Scott were walking part of the trail up Sedona’s Bell Rock in April, I amused myself taking photos. I’ve photographed Bell Rock so many times (and never in “good light”) that it was hard to find a new approach- hence this partial view emphasizing the clouds.

Happy Fourth of July

As you drive into Prescott, you see the absolute biggest flag ever. This was taken from the Walmart parking lot- perhaps a first for me!

A Day at the Beach

Crystal Cove

Beach Bareness

I never get tired of photographing an uncluttered beach. This was taken at Crystal Cove, which was soon to be packed with people.

Watching the Watchers

As we headed out to dinner one night, I caught a glimpse of this trio watching the surfer below.

Ordinary View?

Just another day in Laguna. . .


Seaweed Impressions


Examining tidepools

The Guys

I love hanging out with these good-looking guys! Here is a 3 generation photo from Father’s Day-

Contemplating the Vast

I think it’s the vastness of the Pacific that first absorbs us when we catch our first glimpse of it. And then it’s being mesmerized by the waves- but I think everyone is pulled back to the horizon eventually, contemplating the sheer size of this body of water.

We made a quick trip to Southern California to see our son and family for Father’s Day. The family was at work and daycare when we arrived, so we spent a couple hours at Crystal Cove, north of Laguna. No, that is not my husband in the photo- and I don’t think those children were with that gentleman.

Hanging Around Alleys

I so enjoyed exploring this Petaluma alley-  and I think the reason I took this shot was to document the amount of water in California currently- after so much drought.  Look at the ferns growing out of the wall by the drainpipe!


I froze some flowers in water a few weeks ago before we left for California and had fun taking photos of them last week. This one was taken in multiple exposure mode.

Beach Grass 2

Grass, flowers, and ice plant at the entrance to Doran beach

Beach Grass

We took a very quick drive over to Bodega Bay while in California and stopped at Doran Beach, where the beach grass caught my eye.