I haven’t been doing much shooting lately- so thank goodness there are dozens of unprocessed photos to go through. Here’s a photo from last summer of the Matanuska River in Alaska.

Still Dreaming. . .

No, this isn’t Prescott- I took this in Alaska last year. It doesn’t look like we have much chance of a White Christmas this year (although it is hecka cold!)- so I’ll still be dreaming on Christmas day.

Blue Wind

This was originally going to be called Autumn Wind, because it is a multiple exposure taken a few weeks ago of our willow (with leaves that had turned to gold) being buffeted around by a strong wind. However, during the editing process I played it with the colors and much prefer the blue tones- hence, Blue Wind.

Beauty in the Breakdown

There is something special about old cars that appeals to most photographers.  When I edited this photo, I decided to add just a tiny bit of sparkle to the decaying paint, so I took it into Topaz Glow 2. I’ve been having some issues with the software, but all seemed to be going well until I brought it back into Photoshop. The photo which I had carefully and SUBTLY edited was totally pixellated (is that the term?)- just repeating lines and shapes like an old TV test pattern- nothing resembling a photograph. I ended up blending the strange image into the original and came up with this design! I know I need to download and reinstall my software- but I like the accidental art created here.

Meanwhile, back at the mine. . .

Another shot from Vulture Mine

Ocean to Ocean

This is a view of the Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge from the park where yesterday’s photo was taken. As I took this, I counted the garbage cans I would have to clone out for my photo group- and groaned. I only took out the one that was right in the middle of the sand and left the others. This photo will not be taken to class!

Besides garbage cans, you can also see park visitors, Castle Dome, and birds flying overhead.

Castle Dome from Afar

Here’s a view of Castle Dome from under the bridge spanning the Colorado River crossing.

Freeway Birds

Hanging out under the freeway overpass in Yuma. . .

Waiting for the White

We haven’t had snow yet this winter- or rain either.  Just putting this little winter wish out there for a day or two of snow this winter . . .

Outside through the Inside

Another shot taken at Castle Dome

Shave and a Haircut. . .

Two bits!!!

A closeup view of the Castle Dome barbershop pole. . .


Life of a Disorganized Photographer

A couple months back I posted a shot of a little store we spotted when we were staying in Newport Beach. You may remember I mentioned that I envisioned an image where the store was placed right on the beach. Soon after I did just that, but wasn’t entirely satisfied and never printed the image for class.

I have been avoiding complicated editing of late, but really wanted something slightly more complex for my last image of the semester- which is due tomorrow. I remembered the shop on the beach, and decided to use that, rather than creating something new. I opened the image and realized that I had done a TERRIBLE job of selecting and placing the store onto the beach. A few weeks after I had edited the photo, our class re-watched some terrific videos on the “select and mask” tool in Photoshop, and my skills have improved since then.  Did I think to re-select the image to place on the beach? No! Instead I spent 4 hours with a sore arm cleaning it up and fixing it!

And then- the external hard drive sort of died.

Long story short- I got a new drive- and the old one miraculously came back to life after a day of angst and turmoil (which included realizing I had left my tripod in California- it’s been a stressful couple weeks!). I finally got the image back and saved it in three places. And a new tripod has been ordered.

And now I wish I had thought to add a dog- or birds! Someday. . .


When we were in Yuma a couple weeks ago, we walked along the Colorado River during the golden hour. This was taken looking up at the freeway overpass.

We Were Warned . . .

Despite the warning, we entered anyway- and found lots of delightful items to photograph!

Vulture Mine

Another outing with my photo group- this time close to home!

We visited the Vulture Mine outside Wickenberg and enjoyed wandering around the old ghost town taking photos. Gold was discovered there in 1863 by Henry Wickenberg, who started the mining operation. Eventually a town of 5,000 grew up around the mine, which became the most productive gold mine in Arizona history. It was shut down in 1942 by the government, but is now owned by a private corporation and is open for tours.