Sunset Shadow and Reflection

The last stop on our 11 day journey was a beautiful lodge along the Colorado River outside Moab, Utah.  Watching the ever changing reflections and shadows of the red cliffs at sunset is an experience we’ll never forget.

20141020-DSC_5962_melinda_anderson 20141020-DSC_5946_melinda_anderson20141020-DSC_5989_melinda_andersonLinking up with Friday Finds today- because this view (and this part of Utah!) was the best find I’ve had in a long time!

Autumn in Vail

20141019-DSC_5577_melinda_anderson 20141018-DSC_5541_melinda_anderson 20141018-DSC_5530_melinda_anderson-Edit 20141018-DSC_5503_melinda_anderson 20141017-DSC_5461_melinda_anderson

11 Days, 7 States

20141020-DSC_5733_melinda_anderson-Edit-2We have just returned from our 11 day road trip, during which we managed to drive through 7 states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah.  Another relevant stat: we have only been home 5 days in October so far.  I am pretty tired, even though I did none of the driving.

I didn’t think that I would do a ton of photography this trip, except for some family photos in Kansas and some shots of the fall foliage in Vail- and random shots along the way. Although I was very busy and actually had two days where the camera was not brought out (almost unheard of in my life), I had some fantastic photo ops- including during an unplanned brief sojourn in Utah!  I have lots of photos to cull and edit, and you will be seeing many of them over the next week or so.

That’s Arches National Park in the photo- and no, that’s not our car. :-)

Covered Bridge

Another photo from our weekend in Vail- textured with Kim Klassen’s kk_chill for Texture Tuesday.



I’ve been taking a lot of photos- but we’re having so much fun that it’s hard to find time to post photos.  Here’s a couple from beautiful Vail, where we’ve been living it up and, unfortunately, getting used to a luxurious lifestyle.  Back to reality as we head home!

Here are a couple shots of Vail Village, where you feel like you are in the alps:

View from one of at least two covered bridges crossing Gore Creek in the village.


The village in the golden hour



My friend, Debbie, has so much cool stuff at her house! Last week I photographed some of her art work and managed to sneak in a few shots of some of her garage sale treasures. So far. there has been not much time for photography during our Kansas trip, so here are three I took last week of Debbie’s antique trunk..


Fall in Kansas

20141015-DSC_5136_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5115_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5114_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5108_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5077_melinda_anderson


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