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An apple, a sunflower, a cup- and more!

I finally got back to some still life last week, inspired by my new mug that I picked up at the grocery store.

apple_cup 20140925-DSC_4296_melinda_anderson 20140925-DSC_4291_melinda_anderson 20140925-DSC_4287_melinda_anderson

A week or so ago, I entered 6 photos in the county fair.  I haven’t done anything like this since high school, when I entered my crocheting.  And the big news is that I earned 4 first place ribbons and one second place! Here is one of the winners, Sunflower Mystery (you might recognize it):

Photo Sep 27- 2 19 48 PMThe other 3 first place winners were Feathered Gold (the owl feather), Point Arena Lighthouse (from a couple years ago), and Rodeo Dreams (a photo of Henry standing on the fence watching a rodeo). Dusty Jeans got a second place.  A photo I took of prairie sunflowers did not place.  And. . . I came home with 14 bucks for my efforts! We won’t mention that the printing and matting cost more than that.  But I will re-use the mats.

It was raining cats and dogs- and, evidently, hawks while we were out at the fair on Saturday.  We drove back through flooded streets while thunder crashed around us- and found this guy in the backyard.

20140927-DSC_4321_melinda_anderson-2I took this shot through the sliding glass door (which was covered with raindrops)- when I opened the door, he flew up the hill and disappeared.

Have a Heart!

The soundtrack for this blog post is Bonnie Raitt’s Have a Heart (can’t get it out of my head- and I love her!).


Did you see the heart?


Linking up with Friday Finds today.

And for your listening pleasure. . .

This version is less up-tempo than the the one in my head- but it’s Bonnie!  And any song that begins with “Hey, shut up!” certainly gets my attention!


Gorgeous Light


I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this week’s bouquet. I thought I was done with it, but walked by yesterday and noticed the light- the rest is history!



It is FALL, but still no beautiful fall leaves. So here is some Fall COLOR for you. . .20140922-DSC_4223_melinda_anderson-Edit


Dark Side of the Moon

20140922-DSC_4140_melinda_anderson-EditNo, it’s not the moon- just lens flare- but I love the effect.

kk_chill texture added

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Up the Hill, part 2

Here are two more shots I love from last week’s (short) walk up the hill to the top of our lot.  I want to make clear that none of this land above is ours- and it does crack me up that it took me a year to walk through our weeds to get to the pretty ones above.  Just know that I don’t like the possibility of snakes- or even lizards. Or frogs. I think that covers it.

Lovely weeds!


And here is a view of Prescott’s iconic Thumb Butte.



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