Lavender ICM

I’m fascinated by intentional camera movement (ICM) and the often abstract images resulting. It is harder than it looks, and I have yet to find the right combination of subject, settings, and movement to produce what I am trying to create.  There is always an element of surprise, which makes it fun.

Here are two shots of lavender from my front yard, created by using slow shutter speeds and moving the camera.


Solo Flower


It’s a busy week- so this is it for Texture Tuesday!

Kim Klassen textures used: barbara and paperlove


Still summer

Knowing the time for flowers is limited as the days grow shorter and autumn approaches, I picked a bloom from the bed out front and took a few photos.

20140913-DSC_4052_melinda_anderson-Edit 20140913-DSC_4051_melinda_anderson-Edit

Both of these images have a layer of Kim Klassen’s chill texture.  The bottom one had the paint daubs filter applied (twice!) before adding the texture.


Here are a few leftover shots from this week- details from around the yard.

Some lonely clouds and some lavender


A patio chair and a closeup of our drooping backyard tree (can’t remember what it’s called. . .)


Front flower bed


Once a teacher. . .

Yesterday I photographed No. 2 pencils.  I’ve photographed pencils before, but I had this image in my head that wouldn’t go away: bright yellow pencils with my orangey wall as backdrop. I even made an early morning (well, 8:00- early for this retired person. . .) trip to the grocery store to buy brand new pencils.

20140910-DSC_3956_melinda_anderson-EditI think I’ve already written of my lifelong love affair with office supplies, something I inherited from my grandma, Mimi, who would drive my mother crazy in her later years by asking to be driven to the stationery store (this was way before Office Max was born) because she needed a new pen. We would stand around and watch as she carefully tried out each pen before deciding on the right one.  She wrote with fountain pens, sometimes the cartridge kind, but usually a beautiful Parker fountain pen with turquoise ink.

When I was a little girl, I loved the beginning of the school year and the passing out of brand new school supplies.  We even got modeling clay to keep in out desks; I distinctly remember the smell! When I started teaching, I loved the boxes of new supplies I would unpack each year and pass out to my students.

So today, I am thinking about school supplies.  And brand new sharp pencils.

Pencils: dark side


Pencils: bright sidepencil_diptych

After I took these photos, I saw that a new assignment had been posted in BeStill 52- a still life portrait.  This could be a self-portrait, I suppose.


Playing with my phone

I’ve learned two important lessons about photography in the last four years (and I’m not talking f-stops here. . .):

1. Light is everything.

2. Beauty is everywhere.

I know I used to know about the second one when I was a child; I’m sure all children do.  I noticed everything and took note.  Then I grew up and got busy.  Now that I am retired I notice again.  And take note.  And appreciate!

The other day I was walking through my bedroom and noticed the vertical blinds-probably the least appreciated item in our home.  I don’t like vertical blinds and plan to replace them someday.  But that day, I noticed. And took note. And appreciated.


Photo Sep 06- 11 02 25 AMPhoto Sep 06- 8 40 25 AMI love the play of light and shadow.  Yes, there is beauty everywhere!

I then played with some of the images.  I started by making a collage of two of them in Pic Stitch.Photo Sep 06- 8 55 21 AMThen I brought the collage into Pixlr Express and had fun adding effects with the Effects panel.

Photo Sep 06- 9 01 17 AMPhoto Sep 06- 9 05 05 AM

Great fun!

The next day was the day of the beginning of the Mother of all Monsoons- torrential rains and flooding fed by Hurricane Norbert pushing inland.  I stayed inside (when I wasn’t running outside to make sure the hill wasn’t sliding away. . .) and set up a still life for Be Still 52 (the one I posted yesterday).  I was proud of myself for remembering to take some iPhone shots as I was getting things ready. This one had a basic edit in Snapseed, with some adjustments in tone.  Then I added a texture in Mextures.

Photo Sep 07- 10 11 18 AM

I couldn’t resist taking a photo with my Lensbaby Mobile.  Edited in Snapseed. Love that blur!

Photo Sep 07- 10 27 17 AMLinking up with App- Happy Wednesday today!




Books and a Cup

It was a stormy monsoon of a day- a good day to practice my still-life skills.  I’d been feeling the urge to photograph old books again, so went to the bookshelves and pulled down four of my mother’s books (which I treasure) and my childhood thesaurus (the torn and tattered one).  I added my cup of coffee to the scene and went to work.  Afterward, I edited them with a matte curve in most and adjustments in white balance and/or split-toning to get the tones I was trying to create in the image.

books_and_cup_diptych books_and_cup1I took two of the images (the first and fourth) into Photoshop and added textures- Kim Klassen’s yesteryear and sweettart.

Linking up with Texture Tuesday today.


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