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I felt like I hit the jackpot at Trader Joe’s yesterday when I found they had hydrangeas! I’m always on the lookout for them and even ask for them, but I always hear “Oh we just had them” or “I think we should have some next week.”  So despite being a bit under the weather, I headed out to my garage “studio” and played with my macro lens.

20141125-DSC_7212_melinda_anderson 20141125-DSC_7210_melinda_anderson 20141125-DSC_7208_melinda_anderson 20141125-DSC_7203_melinda_anderson

Macro X3

20141125-seedmacrolayoutuntitledTextured with Kim Klassen’s kk_thewait for Texture Tuesday

Awkward Airport Moments

20141121-DSC_7104_melinda_andersonAs I’ve mentioned before, I truly love my Going Abstract class from Kim Manley-Ort.  It is definitely getting me out of my photography rut- and WAY out of my comfort zone.  One of last week’s readings was on reflections, including a section on window reflections. When we went to pick our son up at the airport Friday, I brought my camera along, hoping to find some cool reflections.  I was immediately drawn to a window display of large copper portraits of Lady Gaga and Hercules right next to where were waiting for Matt.  In my mind, I was picturing an elderly woman or a child reflected in or by Gaga, kind of an ironic statement. Hah! This never happened.  And, as always when I do “street” photography, I felt incredibly awkward and sneaky and ridiculous!

I learned right away that position and correct light helps. The lighting wasn’t the best for closeup reflections- and focus is challenging.  But it was a learning experience, which I might actually try again.


20141121-DSC_7079_melinda_anderson 20141121-DSC_7083_melinda_anderson


And here’s Matt!



Vail Memories

I spent a bit of time going through my photos from our trip to Vail last month and found I had quite a few photos that I didn’t post.  I’m sure that this month’s Vail doesn’t look like last month’s Vail; all these spots must be covered with snow.  And I might as well mention that this week’s Prescott trees don’t look like the trees I photographed last week; our fall color has mostly GONE!  So autumn is becoming just a beautiful memory, as is our trip to Vail.

20141121-vail_layout3_melinda_anderson 20141121-vail_layout1_melinda_anderson 20141121-vail_layout2_melinda_anderson

So. . . THIS week’s Friday Find is LAST month’s photos!

Leaf Essence

20141118-DSC_6967_melinda_anderson 20141118-DSC_6938_melinda_anderson

The Essence of Shells

I love my abstract photography class! I am finding that the kind of photography I love to do the most (besides grand-boy photography, of course)- macros and closeups with a shallow depth of field- fall into the abstract photography realm. I had no idea! This week I’ve been photographing some of my shells with the intention of exploring their essence- and also their un-seashellness!

The un-seashellness of seashells (more of a pure abstract): 20141117-shell_abstracts-2_melinda_andersonThe essence of seashells:

20141118-shell_layout2-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-shell_layout1-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-DSC_6870_melinda_anderson20141117-DSC_6845_melinda_anderson


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