Feather Fun

Photographing a feather we found at Lynx Lake last week was fun with my macro lens.  And then I varied the processing- more fun for a rainy day!

A clean edit.


A warmed up black and white.

20140727-DSC_2043_melinda_andersonAn infrared preset- check out that grain- whoa!


Textured to the max!


The rain- and after . . .

We had our first HUGE monsoon storm yesterday- thunder, lightning, heavy rain, flooding (not at our house) and power outage!


After hours and hours of rain and sky drama, the rain subsided in the early evening.  The hummingbirds dashed to the feeder, and all was back to normal in the high desert.


And then the storm resumed . . .


Just a few more

On Tuesday, I posted my favorite photo of the cooperative swallowtail that had been visiting our yard.  Today, I am posting three more photos and am hoping he will make a return visit!

20140719-DSC_1422_melinda_anderson-Edit 20140719-DSC_1441_melinda_anderson-Edit 20140719-DSC_1446_melinda_anderson-Edit

Desert Backroads

While my friend Carol was visiting (she flew home today, alas), we took the required drive to Sedona which we do with all our visitors.  This time, we decided to drive to Cathedral Rock, because we had seen several photographs depicting the rock formation reflected in Oak Creek.  We chose late afternoon/early afternoon for our visit, so that the light would be right.  Unfortunately neither route recommended to us took us very near where we wanted to be, and the sun was beginning to set as we finally decided to do our shoot from the road. With only one small cloud in the sky, we took our photos.  On my photography to-do list is finding the spot to get that reflection.

20140720-DSC_1637_melinda_anderson 20140720-DSC_1565_melinda_anderson20140720-DSC_1649_melinda_anderson


Backyard Wildlife

A few weeks ago we had some drama in the front yard involving a brave bunny and a scared (and scary) snake. The short version is that, as I was looking out the window, the cute bunny in the front yard hopped, almost running, across the yard and leapt onto a LONG snake (which I had not noticed was there).  In a flash, the bunny and the snake were rolling around, the snake was attempting to climb a post on the front porch, and then the snake slithered to safety inside an small evergreen tree out of the bunny’s reach. The bunny stalked that snake for two days- and then no more action.

Flash forward to yesterday. . .

Carol (who is staying with us) and I were getting ready for the day, when my husband informed me that there was a “little snake” in the back yard. I went out and was horrified to see a very large (probably 4 feet long) snake slithering around under the apple trees. It looked like the snake in the Snake and Bunny Saga.  I grabbed Carol’s camera with its fancy 400mm zoom lens and clicked away- from a safe distance.  When she joined us, I reluctantly gave her camera back and eventually got close enough to take photos with my 18-200mm zoom.

Carol identified our heretofore unknown snake as a Sonoran gopher snake- and, sadly, we found that he has a hole under the apple tree where he apparently- ummmm- LIVES!

To sum up, we have a big snake LIVING in our back yard. I thought the bunny had scared him away for good. So, besides birds and butterflies, we have lizards, toads, bunnies, and a snake.  And at least one tarantula- but that’s a whole other story.  I considered this as we sat outside last night drinking wine and enjoying a delicious grilled meal- about 10 feet away from the snake’s “HOUSE.”

I’m trying to be a grown-up about this.

20140722-DSC_1792_melinda_anderson 20140722-DSC_1791_melinda_anderson




Hi there!

We’ve had the most cooperative swallowtail in the yard the last few days! It allowed Carol and me to get however close we wanted while it sipped nectar from our butterfly bushes. Carol, true to form, looked up this particular swallowtail online and determined it to be the Two Tailed Swallowtail, Arizona’s state butterfly.


I took dozens of photos of the butterfly, but am partial to this almost out of the frame shot of it checking me out as it drank.

Textured with Kim Klassen’s 2203 for Texture Tuesday.


Watson Lake

On Saturday, we took Carol to see the Granite Dells and Watson Lake.  It was fun watching her experience this otherworldly landscape for the first time.








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