Vail Memories

I spent a bit of time going through my photos from our trip to Vail last month and found I had quite a few photos that I didn’t post.  I’m sure that this month’s Vail doesn’t look like last month’s Vail; all these spots must be covered with snow.  And I might as well mention that this week’s Prescott trees don’t look like the trees I photographed last week; our fall color has mostly GONE!  So autumn is becoming just a beautiful memory, as is our trip to Vail.

20141121-vail_layout3_melinda_anderson 20141121-vail_layout1_melinda_anderson 20141121-vail_layout2_melinda_anderson

So. . . THIS week’s Friday Find is LAST month’s photos!

Leaf Essence

20141118-DSC_6967_melinda_anderson 20141118-DSC_6938_melinda_anderson

The Essence of Shells

I love my abstract photography class! I am finding that the kind of photography I love to do the most (besides grand-boy photography, of course)- macros and closeups with a shallow depth of field- fall into the abstract photography realm. I had no idea! This week I’ve been photographing some of my shells with the intention of exploring their essence- and also their un-seashellness!

The un-seashellness of seashells (more of a pure abstract): 20141117-shell_abstracts-2_melinda_andersonThe essence of seashells:

20141118-shell_layout2-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-shell_layout1-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-DSC_6870_melinda_anderson20141117-DSC_6845_melinda_anderson

It’s beautiful day in the neighborhood. . .

Here are a few more photos from last weekend’s walk in the neighborhood:

20141118-fallleaves_melinda_andersonAnd here is another attempt at ICM (intentional camera movement)- this time edited with Topaz Impression (one of the Cezanne presets) and textured with Kim Klassen’s chill texture.

20141115-20141115-Cez20141115-DSC_6820_melinda_anderson_melinda_anderson-2_melinda_andersonLinking up with Texture Tuesday today.

Neighborhood Walk

Our weather has turned chilly, the leaves have mostly all turned gold and are starting to be blown off the trees, so I decided to take a short walk in the neighborhood to capture leaves on the trees while they were still attached.  I did take a few tree photos, but, inspired by my abstract photography class,  I also found myself attracted to the shapes and patterns around me.

Berries in the sidewalk cracks:



Leaves in the rocks:


I’ll post trees tomorrow!


I never really thought about it much- not being a bird person- but I have spent most of my life living in or near the California Flyway.  During childhood, I was fascinated by the formations of migrating geese and other birds flying overhead. When we lived in the Bay Area, I rediscovered the flyway, when we would drive over to the delta area under skies thick with birds heading south for the winter.  I was surprised last year, to see huge flocks of water fowl at the lakes in Prescott in late fall- so I guess we’re on the route for migrating birds as well.20141103-DSC_6344_melinda_anderson


Last week I spotted the three pelicans above on two separate visits to Willow Lake- and was thrilled.  I was used to seeing brown pelicans on the California coast- even a couple times in Benicia- but had never seen white ones except on Lewis Lake at Yellowstone.  After reading the paper yesterday, I discovered that there is a story here.  It seems that a migrating pelican became entangled in fishing line in Tucson a few weeks ago and was rehabilitated by a rescue group.  Unfortunately, his friends had moved on to warmer climes by the time he was ready to fly, so the group sought out other flocks for the pelican to join.  It turned out that a pair of pelicans had just been spotted at Willow Lake, so the recovering pelican was driven up here and released.  Evidently, the Tucson pelican is one of the three in this photo- and the group has now moved on.  In the shot below (in which one bird is out of the frame), I think the injured one might be the one on the right.

20141103-DSC_6413_melinda_andersonAnd in other bird news . . .

20141111-Imp20141111-DSC_6727_melinda_anderson-EdituntitledThis was edited in the new Impression software by Topaz- I think this is one of the Van Gogh presets.  I downloaded a free 30 day trial of the software- it is so much fun!!!  I’m not sure if I’ll buy it- it is pretty expensive! But I’m really enjoying playing with it.



W i d e

When I uploaded and did  a few quick edits on some of my photos from yesterday’s walk at Willow Lake, I found that I had cropped a few into a wide-ish ratio. I was also thinking a bit outside the box due to the influence of my abstract photography class. I’m not sure what is going on here, but it looks like a theme, so. . .I’m going with it for today.20141111-trail_melinda_andersonFrom top to bottom: fall leaves, weeds, liesegang bands on the boulders, and an ICM shot of trees


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