More Punkins

I never get tired of taking photos of pumpkins.  Expect a few more over the coming weeks!

20151002-MMA_3540_melinda_anderson-Edit 20151005-MMA_3815_melinda_anderson-Edit


The Three


Apple Overload

Our Fuji apples are all picked, and they have taken over the kitchen!  I’ve made several batches of unsweetened applesauce, which I pair with a dollop of Greek yogurt for a treat.  I have frozen much of it, but I still plan on making more.  Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one eating it. :-( I try to remember to eat at least one raw apple a day also-and I have made a dent in our supply.

Yesterday I made a special treat- a healthy, no-bake apple tart, using my friend, Carol’s recipe.  It isn’t very low carb, but it is delicious! It has a walnut and date crust and cooked apples inside (with a bit of honey and spices). Yum!

tart 20151005-MMA_3850_melinda_anderson

Just folks. . .

Saturday we went to the Prescott Folk Music Festival.  It has been going on for 37 years, but this was our first time- actually our first time at ANY folk music festival.  We loved it!

Picture a small, rustic venue with small stages, inside and out (the Sharlot Hall Museum). Then picture musicians and some ordinary folks like us walking through the grounds on their way to hear groups or perform on stage- the acts changing about every half hour.  There were also workshops for musicians, food of course, and small groups jamming here and there.  There was folk music of all kinds- and most of it really, really good!  Oh- and most of the performers we saw were at least in their sixties.  Lots of men with gray pony tails and beards! I hope there are a lot of young folk singers out there somewhere- we didn’t see any in Prescott!

20151003-MMA_3629_melinda_andersonShe looks like Mary Travers, doesn’t she?  And yes, they sang Peter, Paul, and Mary songs- and sounded like them too! This is MacDougal Street West.

20151003-MMA_3708_melinda_anderson 20151003-MMA_3685_melinda_anderson-EditI LOVED this guy! He is part of a bluegrass group from Phoenix.  What a musician!  His group was called Jason Donne and the Open Graves!

20151003-MMA_3751_melinda_anderson 20151003-MMA_3763_melinda_anderson-EditThe two ladies above were a part of a group that sang Southwest cowboy music; we almost didn’t stay to hear them- and they were fabulous! They are called IQ Minus One- and I can’t remember what IQ stands for. . .

One of the highlights of the day was hearing an amazing group from Tucson which included Bobby Kimmel, the founder of the Stone Poneys, and members of the Ronstadt family- Linda’s cousin and wife.  I don’t have any great photos of their performance, because it was inside and all I have are iPhone shots, but I had to mention them, because they were sooo good! I Hear Voices is the group.

20151003-MMA_3802_melinda_andersonAt the end of the day, many musicians gathered on stage and led the crowd through This Land is Your Land.

We discovered that this two-day folk festival is held the first weekend in October every year- put it on your calendar!


Happy Fence Friday!


The Porch

I’ve always loved front porches. We had a good sized one in the house I grew up in, but we never sat on it.  I finally have a front porch in our current house (just a slab, but it does the trick), where we sit and watch lightning storms and … sometimes … snowflakes!

This front porch caught my eye when we were picnicking at a Sonoma County winery with our friends, Georgia and Jerry in August.  I loved the blue bench as background for the yellow flowers- and then there was just something about the watering can by the screen door!  I played with these images a bit using Topaz Simplify and some textures.

20150805-MMA_1523_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150805-MMA_1534_melinda_anderson-Edit




Super Moon Eclipse

Sunday night we brought our folding chairs out to the driveway and watched the super “blood” moon eclipse. Besides being in awe of the beauty of this amazing phenomenon, we felt a great sense of connection with all the people everywhere who were also watching.
The moon looked so huge as it crept up over the hill across from us. The eclipse had begun a few minutes before we were able to see it rise.
20150927-MMA_3205_melinda_anderson-EditThe moon started disappearing as it rose.

20150927-MMA_3258_melinda_andersonAnd then it was almost gone.

20150927-MMA_3375_melinda_anderson-EditLast night the moon was beautiful too.  Moonrise was well after sunset (it was dark!), and we thought at first that there was a fire on the horizon- seriously!  You would think we would have realized it was the moon rising since we had been watching it the night before- but it was so orange and so bright against the night sky! We were only clueless for less than a minute, however, and then I was dashing into the house for my camera.


Golden Girl

It’s often hard to capture a portrait of a puppy who is in constant motion.  In this case, I waited until she was tired and had her sit by the kitchen door.  She fell asleep within 3 minutes of this photo being taken.



It’s Fall!

I got in the spirit of autumn this week after a couple days recuperating from my Yellowstone adventures. I put the fall wreath on the door, bought some mini pumpkins, and made applesauce from the zillions of Fuji apples on our trees.  Fall is my favorite season, and I can’t wait for the leaves to change!



Elk Life

20150917-MMA_2795_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150921-MMA_3156_melinda_anderson

Ahoy, Mateys!

I’m back in Arizona and missing my little guys!  The photo below is from the treasure hunt I set up for them last Saturday.  Treasure hunts are a tradition in our family that started in my own childhood, when my father created a treasure hunt for one of my birthday parties.  I continued the tradition with my own children and later on with my first graders as the culmination to a mapping unit every year. And now it’s Miles and Henry’s turn!











Tangled Antlers

It is the beginning of the rut at Yellowstone, and the bull elk are coming around to check out the females. The sounds of the bugling bulls wake us up at night, and we have to look around as we walk outside, because the bull elk are dangerous and unpredictable.  Yesterday, two beautiful males with huge antlers appeared on the lawn and proceeded to circle each other and the tree between them, before engaging in some clashing of antlers. The fight didn’t last more than fifteen minutes or so, but the tourists gathered, getting ever closer until the rangers appeared to make them back up.  I was in the relative safety of the front porch, but ready to run inside if they got closer.

20150920-MMA_3072_melinda_anderson 20150920-MMA_3081_melinda_anderson-Edit20150920-MMA_3106_melinda_anderson 20150920-MMA_3098_melinda_anderson-Edit


Even elk mothers have to spend time taking care of their babies.  Here is one of the mama elk grooming her baby out on the lawn. You might notice the little ears just visible behind the baby; another baby is lying close behind.



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