Covered Bridge

Another photo from our weekend in Vail- textured with Kim Klassen’s kk_chill for Texture Tuesday.



I’ve been taking a lot of photos- but we’re having so much fun that it’s hard to find time to post photos.  Here’s a couple from beautiful Vail, where we’ve been living it up and, unfortunately, getting used to a luxurious lifestyle.  Back to reality as we head home!

Here are a couple shots of Vail Village, where you feel like you are in the alps:

View from one of at least two covered bridges crossing Gore Creek in the village.


The village in the golden hour



My friend, Debbie, has so much cool stuff at her house! Last week I photographed some of her art work and managed to sneak in a few shots of some of her garage sale treasures. So far. there has been not much time for photography during our Kansas trip, so here are three I took last week of Debbie’s antique trunk..


Fall in Kansas

20141015-DSC_5136_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5115_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5114_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5108_melinda_anderson 20141015-DSC_5077_melinda_anderson

La Ventana Natural Arch

On our way to Kansas, we made a point to stop at Grants, New Mexico to see La Ventana Natural Arch, the second largest in New Mexico.  After a scenic 18 mile drive off the main highway, we came upon the arch and took a short walk to get as close to it as we could. Rain threatened most of the drive there, but the sun stayed out long enough for us to see the arch and some of the beautiful views of the sandstone cliffs and El Malpais Lava Field.

nm_arch 20141011-DSC_4910_melinda_anderson

Road Trippin’

Texas scenes shot from the car window with my iPhone.

Photo Oct 12- 3 37 18 PM-Edit Photo Oct 12- 2 15 14 PM-Edit

Edited in the phone with the Snapseed app and textured with Kim Klassen’s kk_chill for Texture Tuesday.  Snapseed’s HDR filter was used on the truck photo.

Such a Fine Sight to See

We are on a road trip to visit with my husband’s father in Kansas and then on to Vail, Colorado to attend the wedding of the son of a dear friend. Lots of driving- and we will end up in a beautiful place with close friends!

Being Eagles fans (their Hell Freezes Over concert was one of my favorite concerts ever!), we HAD to stop at Winslow, Arizona to stand on the famous corner featured in Take It Easy.  It cracked me up that, when I posted an iPhone shot of the corner on Facebook and Instagram, most of the comments consisted of quotes from the song lyrics!



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