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Hippity Hop

Look who I found hopping around my front yard!


This was taken while sitting at my desk looking out through the window.  She (I always think it’s a she) visits pretty regularly and hops from bush to bush, where she hides from the hawks and coyotes. I’m hoping to see babies!


Textured with Kim Klassen’s waterfront 21. Linking up with Friday Finds.

Wildflower Impressions


from the wildflower garden at the Desert Botanical Garden


Photobooth Boys

One of my goals for this week was to start getting caught up on my Beyond Beyond (2B) lessons.  I’m working backwards and doing whatever strikes my fancy.  This one (Lesson 51) was so much fun- I downloaded a photobooth storyboard action that Kim linked for us and put in some of my shots of the grandboys from when they were here! Easy and very entertaining!


Blood Moon

Like everyone else, I was riveted to last night’s lunar eclipse AKA blood moon.  I set up a chair in the driveway, and settled in wearing a stocking cap, gloves, warm socks, and a fleece jacket, accompanied by my camera, tripod, cable release, binoculars, flashlight, and a Lisa Gardner thriller.  It was so cold! And I was a bit concerned that a coyote ( or perhaps a scorpion) might come by.  I snapped photos every ten minutes, and was enjoying myself- but then the moon turned a beautiful orange-ish color, looking three dimensional like a painting of some distant planet. Unbelievable! I took a few (very dark) photos, but mostly just sat gazing at it until I could gaze no more.  My photos do not begin to capture what I saw.  But that’s okay.  I SAW it!




Perfectly Imperfect

A few years ago I attended a knitting workshop. I was knitting along and noticed I had made a tiny mistake quite a way back in my project.  Upon noticing my dismay, the instructor launched into a speech saying that it is the tiny imperfections that show the difference between handmade and machine-made. Handmade is made by a real person with skill and care; machine-made means, well, made by a machine! I’ve always thought of that when I look at the hand-painted designs on the pieces in my Blue Ridge pottery collection.  Each plate, cup, saucer, bowl etc. was painted by hand, making no two pieces alike, even those with the same pattern.  Perfectly imperfect (which just happens to be the theme for this week’s Texture Tuesday) !


Although I have almost an 8 piece set of one pattern, Sun Bouquet, I usually mix up my table settings and include pieces from several patterns.  Most of the patterns I look for are in primary colors, so they blend well together.  And there’s my newest Mason jar (yes, I now have two) in the middle- it’s perfectly imperfect as well!

Edited with two of Kim’s textures, 1301 and sybil.  Linking up with Texture Tuesday today.

Escape Route

Last week’s meet-up with my photo group yielded some shots that go along with the shadow theme for this month’s meeting of my photo club. We were walking behind Whiskey Row and came upon this wonderful fire escape on the back of one of the buildings.  Looks at the crazy pattern of steps, landings, and shadows!



My New Find



Mason JarI’m ridiculously excited about this!  When my photoblogging friends were here on Wednesday, Terri started talking about her Mason jars and how you can date them by looking at the way Ball is written on the glass- fascinating! After lunch, we strolled through a few antique stores, and I bought my first old Ball Mason jar (and yes, I bought a Blue Ridge saucer as well)!  I can tell by the loop at the end of the word Ball (called a triple L) that this jar was from 1896-1910.

I’m sure you will be seeing this jar again in more photos.  I took it out on the porch to photograph, but today’s light isn’t the best (so far it’s cloudy and gray).  I brought my white backdrop and tablecloth out to lighten things up and added a sprig of heath- but I couldn’t do anything about the lack of morning light. Another day. . .

Something tells me this won’t be the last Mason jar I buy!

Linking up with Friday Finds today.

Editing Notes:

I am so behind in my 2B (Beyond Beyond) lessons! A few weeks ago, I discovered that the lessons had started up again (evidently quite awhile ago).  My notifications weren’t coming to me for some reason (probably in my spam folder). It wasn’t until this week that I started looking at what I’ve missed, and now it’s almost over.  :-(  Thankfully, the lessons will stay up, and I will have a lot of fun catching up- will probably do some marathon sessions.  I actually used what I gleaned from Lesson 50 to edit this still life.  Kim provided us with a set of workflow presets she uses to edit her photos= awesome! I already had many presets I’ve created or downloaded- they simplify my life so much when I want to edit quickly. For example, I had created some for different types of vignettes, for clarity, for midtone brightening, adding warmth, etc.  But I had never thought to organize them into a folder- and put them in the order I would use them.  They are all just randomly in a favorites folder along with other favorites I use all the time.  Big head smack! I am so inspired to get in there and organize my presets!  So today, I used Kim’s workflow- and it worked great!  After taking the image through her presets, I popped it into Photoshop, added the anna texture, and I was done!


Live and In Person!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Barbara of Barbara Hurst Photography,  Barb of Keeping Up With the Times, and Terri of Focusing on Life for a photo shoot right here in town.  It was a bit surreal (dislike that overused word, but I can’t think of a better one right now) to meet these photobloggers in person in MY house. I’ve learned all my photography skills online and have a bunch of online contacts, but this is the first time I’ve met any in person.  What fun we had sharing tips and comparing notes as we wandered around downtown Prescott.! They are all so knowledgeable and much more savvy in the whole photoblogging world than I am- I learned a lot.

Here’s a shot of the courthouse, edited with textures from Florabella and Kim Klassen.


I would like to live in the turret on this house (Florabella textures)!


Let’s do this again, ladies!!!

Pick me, pick me!!!


After thirty years of teaching, I can’t look at this photo without thinking of a class of first graders all raising their hands for a turn!

Textures by Kim Klassen and Florabella.

For Love of the Sun

I knew that today’s post would have at least one photo from my field trip to the Desert Botanical Garden. “For the love of . . . ” is the topic for this week’s Texture Tuesday, and, when I looked through my images, Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up the Sun started going through my head.  Think of it as the soundtrack for these two photos!

These cacti must have been at least 15 feet tall.  I used a small aperture, intending to get a starburst effect- but this is what happened. And I think I like it better this way!


This bird was perched at the top of one of the cacti.  And how about the sun in this photo? Did I add it in post-processing?  No- it’s actually flare from the sun on my right.  Usually I clone those out. . .


Both photos have layers of an altered version of Kim’s ruemarion texture as well as kkcanvasback.  The bottom one also has some magic textures in there.

Desert Black and White

I convert at least half my photos to black and white- I just can’t help myself. I love the emphasis on shape and form, as well as the drama and simplicity of the monochrome. Not that I don’t love color- just not all the time.

Both of these are macros (yes, I tried macro at the botanical garden with no tripod. . .). The first, I call Prickly.


And this one, I call Cactus Noir.


Tomorrow a color photo- I promise!


I love photography. I love my iPhone (I’m on my third!).  Why haven’t I gotten more into iPhoneography? I guess the answer is that if I have my big camera with me, that’s what I’m going to use.  However, iPhoneography has become a BIG DEAL, and I want to at least dip my toes in that water, so to speak.

I signed up for a little online iPhoneography class and learned about some new apps and got some good tips.  I thought I had a lot of apps already, but I have recently learned that there’s a whole world of creative apps I hadn’t discovered yet.  I love apps!

Some online photo friends have inspired me to get back on instagram and participate in a 30 day challenge using the Waterlogue app (a cool app that turns your photos into paintings).  It’s fun and challenging- and gives me another excuse to play with photos on my phone.

Here’s a selection of some of my instagram photos from this week.  The first was edited in Mextures, one of my absolute favorite creative apps, and the others were edited in Waterlogue.  In most cases, each photo first went through one of my go-to photo apps, Snapseed and/or Pic-Tap-Go, before the creative apps.  FUN!!!

iPhonelayout1Top row: last night’s downtown sunset, Granite Mountain

Bottom row: Chihuly exhibit, flower still life

Desert in Bloom

My AAUW photo group took a field trip yesterday to the Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. WOW! So many of the cacti were in bloom- and blooming cacti is something I had never seen.  It was photography heaven!

I concentrated on the plants- with the glass exhibit taking a backseat, as I had photographed most of it before. I haven’t had time yet to go through the hundreds of photos- I’m sure you will be seeing more here over the next week.

2Apr2014-5426 2Apr2014-5144That’s Chihuly bokeh in the photo above!

Spring Snow

Snow!!!  After our teaser snowstorm in December, we waited and waited for more. Now that I am wearing capris and a sunhat, the weather surprised us yesterday afternoon with more snow.

My husband and I are still such Prescott newbies that we got in the car and drove around to see what snow was like in each part of town.  Nothing seemed to be sticking, but big flakes were coming down fast almost everywhere we went.

Downtown Whiskey Row:

2Apr2014-4347-EditWe drove past my friend, Debbie’s house, because she lives in the pines at a slightly higher elevation and usually gets more snow than we do.  Sure enough, the snow was sticking to the tree branches and the ground in some places.



The Brothers Again

We’re still missing our sweet grandsons a lot!  We’re so grateful for the wonderful visit we had and are already planning our next trip to Yellowstone to visit them. We’ve received two phone calls from 3 year old Henry (one unknown to his mother!), which lets us know he’s still thinking of us.



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