Here is another view of the frozen landscape at the Eagle River Nature Center.


Passing the torch. . .

Before we left for Alaska, my daughter, Caitlin told me to be sure to pack my macro lens because there was amazing ice to photograph. It sounded right up my alley- macro is just about my favorite kind of photography. While I was taking landscape shots at the nature center, Caitlin was busily snapping shots with her iPhone. She denies being into photography and never edits her photos, but still manages to produce beautiful images; the thing is- she has a real eye.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my macro with me on our walk, but I often use my zoom lens to get close-up shots- so, when I saw her photographing the ice on the railings, I did as well. When her battery gave out, she borrowed my phone. My photos are just O.K.- you can see what is going on here. I wasn’t able to get super close, and the aperture I chose (f8) didn’t give me a deep enough depth of field.20161125-mma_9876_melinda_anderson-edit

But here are two of hers- using MY iPhone. I alternate between feeling jealous and proud!



No, she did not use a macro attachment- and they are not cropped.  I’m pretty amazed at how close you can get to the subject with the iPhone! All her ice photos turned out fabulous- and mine did not.  Hmmmpphhh!

Alaska Drive-by


20161126-mma_0295_melinda_anderson-editThere is so much beautiful scenery in Alaska, and you can’t stop for every view- so you sometimes have to just keep clicking your shutter as you go down the freeway. In fact, my shutter jammed as I kept firing it in burst mode as we drove along (it did recover, thank goodness). I don’t know exactly where this was taken- somewhere between Palmer and Wasilla, I think.


I think all my Alaska photos should be titled Brrrr– it was cold. We didn’t spend a lot of time outside, but I did accompany Justin and Caitlin- and Penny, the golden retriever, on a quick walk at the Eagle River Nature Center, at the Chugach State Park. I saw a very different scene from my visit in August!


That’s ice on the trees; the only snow was on the mountains. I think this photo was taken around three- thirty.


We have just returned from a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with our daughter’s family in Alaska- our first trip there in winter (I know it is technically fall, but it was WINTER there!). There was no snow, but the ground and many of the trees were covered with icy hoar frost. Daylight was limited, and the weather averaged in the low teens. Brrrr!

I was hoping to see the northern lights, but Caitlin had warned me that most nights had cloud covered skies, which blocked the view. I think it was the second morning we were there that she woke us up to  tell us that she could see the aurora from the front deck. We staggered sleepily outside (it was not really that early- 7 a.m.- but it was dark, of course), and, after a few minutes of allowing our eyes to be accustomed to the darkness, we were treated to the sight of a faint aurora dancing around the dark skies. I grabbed my camera and set up the tripod for a long exposure. I hadn’t prepared for this and didn’t think anything was showing up on the LCD monitor. Caitlin offered to drive us a few miles down the road toward the state park, where she thought we would be able to see more. We pulled over in a likely spot, but alas, we could only see stars. I set up the tripod anyway and took three 15 second exposures anyway, stopping when I kept hearing rustling in the bushes. It wasn’t until I looked at the images on the computer that I realized that there was indeed a very small part of the aurora visible. My images were underexposed at 15 seconds- perhaps I needed to increase ISO or use a longer exposure. Next time, I will be more prepared!

Below is my favorite view, although the aurora is mini. This was taken from a pullout on the road.




This eagle owl may be wise, but he is also pretty stern looking!


Shades of Orange and Purple

Another sunset view. . .20161101-mma_7966_melinda_anderson-edit


Heart Reflection


Happy Thanksgiving!

Folded Sky

I never get tired of sunrise and sunset shots. I think this in-camera multiple of the sky looks like folds.


Wiggling the Camera

I have spent perhaps 4 days editing the photo I’m using for the final in my photo group. It is sharp, sharp, sharp- but, other than that, the project was pretty much a disaster.  The editing time was basically spent trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. More cloning than anyone should have to do in their entire life! I am hoping the result is adequate. No, I’m not yet posting it.

To recover, I spent an hour in the land of blur, producing some ICM images- abstract or impressionist landscapes, I’ve discovered they are called- achieved by long exposures and camera wiggling.

Here are two edits of my across the street view. I think the black and white looks like an ocean view.


Fall Floral

Here’s an in-camera multiple exposure from October.


Fall Duck

Before all the leaves have blown off the trees, I thought I should post a leafy autumn image. Here is a multiple exposure, created after the fact.


Windmills on my Mind Again


Four treatments of the same scene- part of the larger image from yesterday.

Windmills on my Mind

As I mentioned last week, I took a few- maybe 5?- windmill photos when I was photographing raptors. And three comprised one 3 exposure in camera multiple exposure.  My camera has a very basic multiple exposure feature (no blend modes, no previews etc.), but the challenge makes it fun, even if the results aren’t spectacular SOOC.


I had fun adding another windmill shot from August to create a windmill Photoshop composite. Even more fun!


The Sky Has Fallen


But the sun still comes up each day.