Last week’s pink moon as it rose above the trees.

Morning Balloon

When we were staying at the lavender farm, I rose with the sun and managed to get a shot of a hot air balloon as it sailed over the barn. The reward of being an early riser!


Solar View

This is an abstract created using my iPhone to take a photo of a reflection on a scratchy table of an overhead light in an Albuquerque coffee shop. I took the photo, because the reflection amid the scratches looked like the sun to me. The blue shape on the lower right is the edge of my plate, the orange triangle is my napkin. The lighter blue on the left is more reflection. Other than adjusting the colors (using an iPhone app), the only thing I did in Photoshop was change the texture of the napkin so it would look less like a paper towel lying on my image, 🙂

Farm View

The lavender farm

To the Edge and Beyond

One of the assignments that we’ve been given in our photo class is to create an image with “tension.”  An example that our instructor has used constantly over the years is that when we have an element in the photo that leads us OUT of the photo. it creates tension. And this is not a good thing. Another example would be when two elements meet in the photo in a perhaps uncomfortable way (think of “merges”, where a tree seems to grow out of the top of someone’s head). He has himself created a series of photos that deliberately have tension (called “In Tension”, which is a play on words), which include several different kinds of tension that somehow works. I must confess to being confused by the concept.

Tension was on my mind in Albuquerque, so I deliberately set out to create some photos which have tension, but yet somehow “work” for me. This was probably the easiest to do- all those branches perhaps leading out of and into the photo.



Blue and Green

We watched this beautiful peacock strut around, and, when his girlfriend called, he spread his feathers and was a beautiful sight to behold!


It was cloudy during our stay in Albuquerque, but the early morning light was visible as the sun came up. Glad I got up early to capture some color in the sky!

Between the Silos

Spotted at Los Poblanos Farm, Albuquerque


The last night of our New Mexico trip was spent on a lavender farm, which Lonnie found online. It was fantastic in many ways- lavender growing right outside our room (which looked like it was decorated by Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines), peacocks, and a fantastic restaurant to name a few.

I was sold the minute I saw SILOS!

San Felipe de Neri

The centerpiece of Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque is San Felipe de Neri Church- built in 1793 (replacing an older church built in 1709) during the Spanish colonial period. We didn’t get to go in, but I took lots of photos outside.

Baby Love, My Baby Love

We have just returned from an intense 2 weeks in Southern California, where we made a long planned trip to help out our son, Matt after his ACL replacement surgery. It will be at least a month before he can drive or lift 1 year old, 25 pound baby Caleb, so we volunteered to stay as long as we were needed (our daughter-in-law has a demanding job as a pharmacist with little time off). As the date of the trip grew closer, we began to get a little nervous, because Grandpa had pneumonia that just wouldn’t go away. After several doctor office visits and two trips to the ER, he was pronounced all well. But, in the mean time, my seasonal allergy symptoms were developing quickly into something more. By the time we got to SoCal, it was obvious I shouldn’t be anywhere near our son’s family. So the day of the surgery, I was quarantined to our hotel room until Lonnie could get away to take me to an Urgent Care (where I got antibiotics for bronchitis, sinusitis and conjunctivitis). Until my antibiotic had done its job, I stayed at the hotel, and Lonnie was the solo nurse. By the weekend, I was well (and no longer contagious) and able to help out. All was fine until Caleb, who had had a little cough all week, developed a fever and was diagnosed with bronchitis- and then pneumonia. Because he was sick, he obviously couldn’t go to daycare, so we got to be with him all day long all week. Not that I’m happy he was sick, but it was wonderful to have so much time with our grandbaby! I taught him every song and fingerplay I know, and it was so fun to see him soak it all up like a sponge! He is a very happy, bright, and active little boy- a joy to be with! And, of course, every day we were beyond exhausted.

Baby naptime is precious- and rocking him to sleep even more so! My arms feel empty! I took a nap yesterday and dreamed that I was pregnant- and then suddenly wasn’t- a very primal dream about motherhood and grandmotherhood! Both Lonnie and I mourn the loss of our grandchildren (and children) when our visits are over. When you start a family, no one prepares you for how much you will love your children- and then your grandchildren. And then you think about your own parents and realize how much they loved you too.


By the way, I hardly took any cell phone photos and didn’t take out my Nikon even once- the longest I’ve gone without taking photos. No time!


Done for the Day

Another Albuquerque jewelry seller

There is something this that reminds me of Whistler’s Mother!

Local Color

Colorful Albuquerque street scenes

The Entrance

There is something about old doors and windows in towns of the Southwest. I can’t pass one by without bringing out my camera!

On a side street in Albuquerque.


On display along a street in Albuequerque- a broken wagon wheel.