Broken Intention

Yesterday’s Trader Joe’s bouquet didn’t make it home unscathed, alas.

My photo group has been discussing photography as art recently- a subject dear to my heart. Yesterday, we watched a video about photographing with intention, which involved making lists of words that come to mind when you look at your own work- and then keeping those same qualities in mind when shooting and editing. As soon as I heard the word, list, my right brain started protesting! However, I did attempt to approach my flower shoot with intention. I told myself that I wanted the photo to be soft and dreamy and evoke in the viewer nostalgia for a bygone era. BUT. . . I instead became captivated by this impudent little broken flower and created a bright and, I think, cheerful piece-  perhaps (or perhaps not) bringing a smile to the face of the viewer.

Intention. Need to work on that . . .

And now!

By afternoon, it had unfurled- yay, Spring!

And then. . .

Last year, the javelinas dug up all our straight from Holland tulip bulbs just as the leaves were poking up out of the ground. We heard that they don’t like irises and will leave them alone, so in the fall we planted a few iris bulbs.  A while ago, we noticed the leaves growing- and finally a few buds appeared last week.  We’ve been seeing profuse iris blooms all around town- just not in our garden.

I photographed an event at the college on Friday for an organization I belong too- and their irises were magnificent.

Yesterday (Earth Day), we still just had 2 buds.

And then, I woke up to an (almost) open flower this morning. I couldn’t wait for it to fully unfurl, so here it is, edited with a painterly effect from Topaz Impression.

Spring is finally here!

Magic Hour

What do you do when you are sitting outside a humdrum motel during the golden hour? Intentional camera movement of course! The light was so beautiful, but beyond the trees was a parking lot, so I waved my camera around and got this!

The Other Side

Since we couldn’t get down to the bottom of the Tonto Natural Bridge, I took photos looking down at the other side of the bridge.

It’s hard to see at first how massive it is- until you notice the trees growing at the top!

Cowboy Still Life

A cowboy (or western) still life is the latest assignment for our photo class. I have no idea what he expects, so I gathered together some items we have in the house and garage, bought some horseshoes, and took the photo. It will be interesting to see what creative ideas my classmates come up with!


Lonnie and I took a short trip over to Payson for two nights. We had never been in the area east of the Verde Valley and wanted to explore a bit (and I wanted some photo ops!). Our first visit was to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park to view the 183 foot tall travertine arch (believed to be the highest in the world).  After reading that the hike down to the bottom of the arch was strenuous and on slippery, unstable ground, we decided to save our knees and look at things from a higher vantage point- on level ground.

The arch is magnificent- I wish I could post photos from the bottom looking up instead of the top looking down! Here are two shots (basically the same except for the orientation) from one of the viewpoints at the top. That white stuff is water dripping down.




I Dream of Flying

Another feather macro-

Bill’s Got the Blues

I never knew his name was Bill!

It was pointed out to me that the elk on top of our Elks’ Theatre is named Bill. This has something to do with a poster found in the old building that says Hello, Bill on it (an Elks tradition?).  While the theatre was in disrepair a few (10?) years ago, Bill was languishing in Prescott Valley waiting to return to his former glory. When found, he sadly had a dozen or more bullet holes, but now he has been repaired and returned his rightful spot on top of his theatre overlooking downtown.


Macro Mood

I never tire of macro- this one was taken on a mirror. Don’t ask me what kind of feather it is; it’s part of a bag I got at Hobby Lobby!

Atomic Tumbleweed

I’ve tried to photograph tumbleweeds before, but can’t seem to find the right way when they the single subject.  So here’s a jazzed up multiple exposure/composite. . .



Blossom Beauty

More apple blossoms!

Wabi Sabi Weed

It is pretty much guaranteed that, when I can’t find anything to photograph, a subject will appear during a walk in the neighborhood!



Last week we had a huge windstorm and snow the next day. And now we are back to Spring weather, and our apple trees are in bloom!

A New Find!

I have had a delightfully busy last few days; my Rapunzel group came to town and we had a wonderful time laughing and talking and eating and drinking and touring Prescott. Unbelievably, I did not take a single photo; there were so many cell phone photos being taken, it seemed like overkill to bring out my big camera.  Before our group toured downtown on Friday, my friend, Nevin, wanted to quickly look through some antique stores to see if she could find a Blue Ridge plate or cup to add to her huge collection.  It was she who got me started on my own collection about twenty years ago, and it was my friend, Joan, who gave me some pieces in a Blue Ridge pattern that I have had such a difficult time finding since then. Blue Ridge dishes (handpainted in the 1930s and 40’s  in Erwin, Tennessee) are usually in a flower pattern- and there are dozens of patterns.  The dishes that my friend, Joan gave me have a barn and an appletree- a much less common pattern called Weathervane and almost impossible to find.  A year or two ago, I had found a platter and was thrilled.

Saturday, I was not looking for myself- just going along with Nevin, when she spotted a whole set for six in the Weathervane pattern. I gasped in astonishment- and bought it on the spot.  Here is a peek into my china cabinet at my new acquisition:

What a perfect memento of a wonderful weekend with my longtime friends!