A hat, some flowers, and the chair

You may remember my series of chair photos from last year- some including this hat.  Well, the bunch of chamomile I picked up at Trader Joe’s put me in the mood again- so here’s another in the series, this time in black and white.


We’ve got FLOOR!


A casual visitor to my blog might think I’ve been traveling all summer (Jerome, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco), but those were actually just one day visits. Most of my summer has actually been taken up with the FLOOR.

The leak which required our original flooring to be have to be replaced happened in April, and it took until the middle of May to deal with the insurance company, have the cabinets repaired, and decide on the new floor. This could not all be accomplished before our family’s visit- so we had just concrete in the kitchen and dining room while they were here. After they left, we began the process of clearing off the bookshelves and closet floors etc. in preparation for the installation.  It sounds easier than it was, since ALL the floors (except bathrooms) were replaced.

And I am happy to report that the floor is IN!

I’ve spent very little time on photography this summer, alas. And my blog posts for the last 2-3 weeks were written and uploaded a couple weeks in advance to be published automatically by WordPress, due to the fact that our office was dismantled. Things are almost back to normal now, and I should actually have time to take and edit photos.

Can I have an AMEN?!?

Cable Cars- Two Ways

Our hotel in San Francisco was right off Market Street, so I didn’t have to venture far to get the ultimate tourist shot- cable cars!

In color:


Toned black and white:


I took a long time editing the original image in Photoshop. There was some cloning out of traffic barriers and some slight Glow filters applied. But then in Lightroom, I ended up cropping out some of the area I cloned and converting the image to black and white. Sometimes I just can’t make up my mind! Lonnie likes the color version better; I prefer the black and white. Different strokes!

Greeting Card

“It would make a good greeting card.”

The above comment is code for corny, schmaltzy, trite- however you interpret it- in my photo group.  I, however, like making images that look like greeting cards; one of my childhood ambitions was to work for Hallmark.  I envisioned a room of artists painting pretty cards or drawing cartoons.

So, with no apologies, here is one of my flower photos that, in my opinion, would make a good greeting card.:-)




Looking Up

Here’s another view of San Francisco’s Ferry Building- looking up at the roof from the inside:


Safe Harbor

Here’s another view of the harbor at Pier 39- with Alcatraz in the background.


Market Street

20160630-MMA_2581_melinda_anderson-EditHere’s a view of Market Street- one of the busiest streets in the city.


When we were in San Francisco, I found the little water taxis very appealing and cartoon-like, so I made some adjustments in Photoshop and Topaz Simplify to accentuate these qualities.


Lighting the Way

20160630-MMA_3132_melinda_andersonI have no memory of this little lighthouse at Pier 39 the last few times we were there- but it was daytime, so I guess we didn’t notice it. It turns out that it’s actually a restaurant!

The Rock

Yup- it’s Alcatraz, almost obscured in the late afternoon haze, and a flock of pelicans flying low over the waves.



One of the most iconic sights in San Francisco- Coit Tower:



The Fisherman

One of the many fishermen on the pier near the Ferry Building:


2 Boys, 1 Grandma, and 1 Desert Poppy

When the grandboys were here, I decided I wanted to pick some wild desert poppies I had noticed blooming down the street in a vacant lot. Caitlin, Miles, and I braved the heat wave and walked to the bottom of the hill where we could see a few in bloom. As we walked through the weeds, zillions of burrs attached to our clothes and shoes, so I ended up with just one poppy. When we got home, I brought out the lightbox and spent a few minutes taking photos with the camera on the tripod. The boys were intrigued, so I had each take photos with the iPhone.

Miles was interested in editing his photo, so that evening, I introduced him to Snapseed! He especially liked the “glamorous glow” (glamour glow) adjustment, after trying all sorts of filters. He didn’t like the tiny rips in the petals, so he made me promise to fix them in Photoshop on my computer, which I did.

Here is his photo, edited by Miles with Snapseed (with rips fixed by Gramma):


Good focus, wouldn’t you say? And I like that glamour glow!

Henry wanted a turn as well and managed to take about 10 photos with one long click- all with perfect focus! I took the liberty of editing this one in Photoshop with On 1 and Impression software.


And here’s the one taken by Gramma- a side view with texture added:


San Francisco Architecture- Then and Now


The beautiful and ornate Southern Pacific Building (completed in 1916) was right across from our hotel at the corner of Market and Embarcadero. This was taken through the window in Carol’s room.



This reflections in this skyscraper seemed to create a column of Japanese Kanji running down the side of the building- fascinating!


Floor with a View

My husband had a meeting in downtown San Francisco last week, so I accompanied him for a (very) quick getaway, which consisted of one day and two nights. My friend and photo buddy, Carol met us there, and she and I had a great time visiting and walking around the Embarcadero area with our cameras.

Lonnie went to get ice shortly after we arrived, and informed me that he had found THE shot- and it was right down the hall.

THIS is what he found when he looked out the window at the end of the hall:


We were on the sixteenth floor, right across from the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge! Yes- a great view indeed! Carol had mentioned that she wanted to do some night photography, so I was happy that the perfect view had been found- right down the hall- even though it meant shooting through glass.

Carol had brought an extra tripod for me (one of her old ones, which is exactly like mine), so we set up at the window the next night for some fun night photography.  Trying to lean the tripod with camera attached flat against the glass and keep it there without slipping, in order to prevent reflections of the hallway lights during long exposures, was a challenge for me!  I managed to take a dozen or so shots- and most had reflections and less than tack sharp focus. The above photo is one of the better ones (but I did have to clone out some reflections).

A beautiful city by day- and equally beautiful at night!









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