An Egret in Klimt’s Garden

I have SO many egret photos I haven’t posted, so am experimenting outside the box. I had so much fun editing this one- the final image reminds me of the colors used by Gustav Klimt.

Happy Easter!

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Take Me Home, Country Roads

There’s nothing like an old country road to inspire picture-taking!

Ready . . . ACTION!

One of the effects of the year of staying home is that I have learned the names of most of my backyard birds. If you know me, you may find this hard to believe. Before retirement, it was mostly lack of time and interest. When I started taking photos, I realized I knew nothing- but I didn’t care. And then came Covid. I was home, I watched the birds, I had Sibley’s guide and two other books (which I’ve had all along) and a couple birds apps- I guessed I could take the time to look them up. And now I have found that I actually know some names. . .

So, I can say with some confidence that the new kids in the backyard are yellow rumped warblers, which I really enjoy watching. But they have the other birds a bit flummoxed. Here, a white-crowned sparrow is either saying hi or back-off to one of the warblers (the rest just flew off). I’m not sure who is flying in- the action was changing second-by-second. Lots of excitement in our backyard!


Daffodils in the stores must mean it’s Spring, right? These were part of a beautiful little bouquet brought to us by our friends, Debbie and Dale on the occasion of the four of us, all having had our second shots over two weeks ago, getting together in our house without masks for the first time in over a year! It felt so normal, yet surreal at the same time. The light at the end of this long tunnel is finally in sight.

Photo Series

I have finished the series created for my Unity Church class on Stations of the Cross. I’ve been working on these for the last couple months, and, as I’ve said before, have been working way outside my comfort zone. Most of the images started out as photos from my archive which I combined or re-edited to create a personal interpretation of what we discussed in class. The teacher used metaphysical interpretations of the gospels, combining them to give us eight stations to interpret, based on the life of Jesus. I hadn’t looked at the Bible in years, so it was interesting to re-read and re-examine. I am the only photographer.

The stations in order: Creation, Nativity, Baptism, Healing, Miracles, Teaching, Triumphal Entry, Crucifixion/Resurrection. Most images are not easily interpreted- and a couple have meaning only to me.

Snow Trees

Although there are signs of Spring, winter has not loosened its grip. Although this photo is from two months ago, I could have taken a similar shot this week. Snow is only on the ground in patches currently, but it has snowed more days than not in the last week.


We encountered some friendly horses on our drive through Skull Valley last week. I’m not a farm girl by any description, but there is just something so appealing about rural scenes like this.


Arizona Browns

We took a drive in the countryside around Kirkland and Skull Valley last weekend- always fun! We saw lots of browns and tans (my least favorite colors) and very little greens on our drive. But over the years, I have developed an appreciation for the browns in the Arizona countryside, which has its own unique beauty.

Feeding the Ducks?

Here’s something you don’t see every day…


In the Water

Another photo taken at Granite Basin Lake- this time JUST the reflection. I love how abstract and painterly the weeds look reflected in the water.

Snowy Reflections

I’ve been busier than usual and recovering from my second Covid shot (not complaining!), and just realized that Spring is on its way. I have quite a few winter scenes yet to post, so expect more snow scenes over the coming week or so. Today’s photo was taken at Granite Basin Lake at the end of December.


Another in my series for my Unity class

Sources of Light

December moon at sunset

Beach Lady at Sunset

Over the last few years I’ve taken many photos of people at beaches in Southern California- and probably my favorites are my Beach Ladies. After we get our second Covid vaccinations, I hope to get out of the house, out of town, and out of state to do more beach photography!

Below is a Beach Lady watching surfers at sunset- taken two years ago