The Guys

I love hanging out with these good-looking guys! Here is a 3 generation photo from Father’s Day-

Contemplating the Vast

I think it’s the vastness of the Pacific that first absorbs us when we catch our first glimpse of it. And then it’s being mesmerized by the waves- but I think everyone is pulled back to the horizon eventually, contemplating the sheer size of this body of water.

We made a quick trip to Southern California to see our son and family for Father’s Day. The family was at work and daycare when we arrived, so we spent a couple hours at Crystal Cove, north of Laguna. No, that is not my husband in the photo- and I don’t think those children were with that gentleman.

Hanging Around Alleys

I so enjoyed exploring this Petaluma alley-  and I think the reason I took this shot was to document the amount of water in California currently- after so much drought.  Look at the ferns growing out of the wall by the drainpipe!


I froze some flowers in water a few weeks ago before we left for California and had fun taking photos of them last week. This one was taken in multiple exposure mode.

Beach Grass 2

Grass, flowers, and ice plant at the entrance to Doran beach

Beach Grass

We took a very quick drive over to Bodega Bay while in California and stopped at Doran Beach, where the beach grass caught my eye.

Starting Over- Sonoma Strong

Our “oldest” (as in we’ve been friends since 1970) friends, Joan and Rudy, lost their beautiful home to the Sonoma County wildfire two years ago. They got out with just the clothes on their backs with no time to spare. On our visit to California a week ago, we saw their property for the first time since the fire.

The good news is that they are rebuilding on their beautiful property! And their daughter, Liz, bought the property next door!

Because of the heavy rains (continuing while we were there), the area is lush with new growth, and you have to look carefully to see the remnants of the devastation that took place that October night. Their new home, with a different floorplan, is being built in the same spot as the old, and when you walk in, you can see the same views as before. It felt good to be there.

Below are some shots of our visit.

Flowers in bloom with a view up the hill of a bit of burned area and just a little corner of the roof of the new home:

A partially burned tree by their driveway.

Look in and looking out:

Joan and Rudy with their grand-dog, Newton:

Daughter, Liz with Newton:

Although they are starting over in many respects, it was heartwarming to see how much seems the same. They hope to be able to move in next Fall.

Three for Friday

Fry’s had tulips the other day, and I couldn’t resist!

Alley Adventure

Last week I accompanied my husband on a business trip to the Bay Area (California). We took time to stay in two of the towns where we used to live and were able to visit with many of our close friends and my teaching colleagues. It was a last minute decision to go, and it was so wonderful to be able to see so many friends on short notice.

I did not do much photography while there (no time!), but when we arrived in Petaluma, our first stop, we took a short walk in the RAIN before meeting dear friends for dinner. I only had my iPhone, but had a great time photographing this alley.


Blue Spring 2

This image is the second of two multiple exposures I took of the same flowers. I dearly love playing with this technique, whether in camera, in Photoshop, or on my iPhone. I’ve always loved impressionist and abstract painting and so enjoy creating images that are not a literal representation of the scene in front of me. I never know exactly how they will turn out, and I think it’s the unpredictability that is a big part of the appeal for me.

Blue Spring

A week or so ago when I was taking reflection photos, I used my iPhone to create a series of flower images using multiple exposures.

Here is one of my favorites.


Wukoki Pueblo is part of Wupatki National Monument. It is smaller, but has an amazing, sweeping view of the San Francisco Peaks.

Wupatki in Black and white

and with a lonely cloud drifting overhead. . .

Reflection Number 3

A minimalist take on the assignment

Reflection Number 2

This one I call “Downside Up”.