These Guys

How sweet it has been to spend time with our daughter’s family this week! We had four days with them in a lovely resort in Indio- just swimming and hanging out. An added treat was having our son-in-law’s parents with us as well- we always enjoy our times with them. We leave today- and it will be sooooo hard to say good-bye to THESE GUYS:

Miles at TEN- so smart, full of facts, and an avid reader. At home he is an outstanding skier (on a ski team with older, bigger kids) and mountain biker. This week, he made a major leap in his swimming skills. And he is still the sweet, loving boy he always has been!


Henry at SEVEN- what a great reader he has become! And he continues to be the friendly, helpful, outgoing little soul he has been since birth. Like Miles, he is a good skier and biker- and is becoming a good swimmer as well. Always Papa’s boy (like Miles), he chose a Hawaiian shirt to meet us on this trip, because he wanted to be like Papa.

These photos were taken one evening while I was watching tv with their daddy (their mommy was at the store with her dad). They were supposed to be in bed, but came out for a few extra cuddles and giggles.

Stay tuned for photos for when the boys got to meet their new cousin, Caleb!



Sweet Baby Caleb

Since Caleb was born, my mind has turned to mush, but my heart has expanded!  We are so thrilled to now have THREE grand-boys! We are spending time with our beloved older two now before heading back to Arizona. Life is good!

Three Buoys

With the birth of Baby Caleb and now our vacation with our daughter’s family, I have had no time for blogging. Here is a photo from our 2016 visit to San Francisco.

BTW, the blog title is a play on words- see if you can figure it out!

Brand New!

This is an exciting time in our family- we have a brand new grandson! Caleb is less than two days old- so far he looks like our side of the family but with his mommy’s hair.

Here is our beautiful daughter-in-law with her brand new son.

There is something so touching about seeing your son as  new father!



Red Rocks, White Snow

When we walked the paths at Willow Lake during our end of February snowstorm, we were amazed at how saturated the color of the rocks was in the diffused light and falling snow. Here is the view as we walked our usual path through the rocks toward the lake. Not quite Sedona- but still beautiful!


I decided that I should to go out to take snowy pictures when it is actually snowing if I wanted to capture the diffused light and soft palette that I like so much (and miss in Arizona). So Lonnie and I drove to Watson Lake for today’s photo and then had a great time trudging around in the snow at Willow Lake until the snowflakes stopped. Yes, I got a few shots that were blurred by falling snow, but I got a lot of keepers too. And within a couple hours most of the snow was gone.

Ducks in a Row

It snowed yesterday- and it was beautiful!

Surfer 2

I think these will be my last surfing photos- but no promises!


These shots are from the second day of shooting- and I didn’t have a good spot on the pier. So no closeups- both of these are cropped.

Looking on . . .

I was going through shots from last year’s surfing competition at Huntington Beach and found more blogworthy photos. Here’s a view of the crowd. Notice the photographer wading in the surf with her big lens! How fun that would have been (I was on a pier without my big lens).

Herd Mentality

Newport Beach scene in black and white.

By the Door

While in Southern California a couple weeks ago, we went with our son and his wife to visit the Nixon Presidential Library. I loved it- and I am a Democrat. I had never been to a presidential library before and was very impressed by the quality of the displays and how balanced was the portrayal of this controversial president. I grew up in a Republican family in a time when we (well, most of us) still trusted the government and believed that things were only going to get better and better. I remember how devastated my parents, particularly my mother, were by the events of Watergate. At the time of Nixon’s resignation I was hugely pregnant with our first child and had been glued to the television during the hearings. It was fascinating to see the artifacts of Nixon’s childhood and presidency- AND the Watergate scandal.

The photo taken above is outside Nixon’s childhood home; it was closed while we were there because of a wedding.



The Ubiquitous Palm

It’s hard to find a spot without palm trees in Southern California. Even this somewhat minimalist shot includes the ubiquitous palm.

I’m a walkin’ . . .

Yes indeed! Another bit of the beach scene from our last trip to Newport-

It was about the light

The light shining through the pine needles was what caused me to snap this photo; it looks like fall, but was just golden light.