How Still We See Thee Lie

The Christmas lights are off for the season in Prescott, Arizona’s Christmas City. But they were still on last week, when we drove up the hill to the Pioneer Home to see this view.  I think it’s most fitting that the residents of the Pioneer Home, who must have lived in Arizona for at least 50 years in order to be eligible to live there, have the best view in town!



The lights on this blog will be out tomorrow.


Ice Blue

Still more Alaska photos to go through. Here’s an in camera multiple exposure (taken at 9:30 a.m.!) layered with another photo to create my impression of Alaska winter.


Winter Daisy

A grainy black and white daisy for a dreary day . . .



Many of my favorite photos these days are taken right from the driveway or across the street. It is usually cloud patterns or streaks of light on the hills that bring me outside with my camera. I find that by using intentional camera movement or in camera multiple exposures, I can create an image that expresses the way I see the scene in front of me rather than a literal depiction. Usually only a small amount of post-processing is needed, which is unusual for me!

This one is a combination of in an camera multiple exposure combined with photoshop layers. It was taken in the blue hour right before dawn, when the lights from the shopping mall across town were still visible.


I have gathered some of my Homescapes together in a slideshow, which you can view on my gallery page. Click on the word, gallery in the menu at the top right of this page or click here.


Sunset Flow


Intentional camera movement

Sunset Moon

I didn’t know the moon would be full last night, but when I sat down to wait for the rice to finish cooking for dinner, I could see the moon through the front window. I wish I had been there to see it pop up over the horizon, but I am delighted to have captured the moon at sunset.


When there were leaves . . .

I have so many photos that have never made the blog. I didn’t think this one was blogworthy at the time- just an experiment with multiple exposure- but I like it now.


It makes an interesting black and white too (with a frame that’s just an extreme Lightroom vignette).


Things Are Looking Up


At least the photographer was looking up when taking this photo . . .

I was on the floor looking up at the flower which was positioned on the counter. That’s my ceiling with “incorrect” white balance providing the sunny background.

It’s all about how you look at things, isn’t it?        .


I enjoy just about all kinds of photography, but when I spend time with flowers and my macro lens I can feel my shoulders relaxing and my breath slowing. This is truly my comfort zone and a wonderful escape from life’s stresses. Ommmm. . . 🙂





20160803-mma_3531_melinda_anderson-editI’m going through some of my Alaska photos looking for some suitable images to bring to my photo group this semester. I’m considering this shot of the tracks along the Turnagain Arm.

Just a Pear

I’m playing it safe this time- just a traditional still life. Although- I know that in my photo group I would get (gently) critiqued for having a square format and mostly for having no space around the edges- and perhaps for the shallowish depth of field! I might even get the kiss of death comment- “It would make a nice greeting card.” But I’m on winter break!


Another Day, Another Pear

I bought more pears, and the pear madness continues. . .


Pear Abstract

Another photo of yesterday’s pear- a little more abstract this time.


Pear Trio

I started the day with a simple in-camera pear multi-exposure, edited three ways in Lightroom. As usual, I can’t pick a favorite. . .


Hello, 2017!

The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.
                                                                        ~ Dorothea Lange

When I started doing photography as a hobby, I soon realized that I was seeing the world in a way I hadn’t since childhood. Pausing to take the time to really notice and see has been the great gift of photography for me. I recently read a wonderful book called Adventures in Seeing by Kim Manley Ort that reminded me of the importance of all this.

As I approach the new year, I know there is no way I can predict what will happen in the world and in my life, but I do know that I want to be happy and present in my own life and with the people I love. I intend to slow down a bit, and take some photographs just for the joy of seeing.

Again- thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments this year. Whether photography is your hobby or not, take some time to stop and SEE- and perhaps take a photo! Best wishes for a new year filled with JOY!