Wigwam Trio

Hope you enjoyed my week of wigwams! This one is my favorite.

But wait- there’s MORE WIGWAM!

I think this will be the last one. . .

Vintage Wigwam

Here’s another shot of the Wigwam Motel at night- this time with a black and white edit for a vintage look. It’s also missing the “car trails”- streaks from tail lights from passing cars- that were visible in yesterday’s image (and I kept in because I like them).

As you can probably tell, I found the Wigwam Motel totally captivating. I only wish that I had crossed the street and wandered around the grounds. It would probably not have been a good idea to do this at nighttime though. I think I need a return trip!

Nighttime at the Wigwam Motel

When we visited Holbrook, we were delighted to see that our motel was right across the street from the Wigwam Motel. I don’t really want to sleep in a wigwam, but I liked being able to stroll out at night with my camera and tripod to get this shot.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

This old Studebaker is just about all that remains of Route 66 in this stretch of countryside- that and the long line of telephone poles that marks where the Mother Road used to be.

Blue Mesa- again

What can I say?- it’s a pretty place!

Backlit Black and White

I was sitting at my computer one morning last week when I noticed the play of light and shadows on leaves in the front yard. I took a break from my work and captured this multiple exposure, which I thought looked even more interesting in black and white.

Blue Two

From another viewpoint at Blue Mesa:


Uptown Downtown

For a change of pace, here’s a multiple exposure of downtown Flagstaff- looking up at the signs.

Blue Mesa

This is one of the most amazing areas of Petrified Forest National Park- the gradations of color are gorgeous! To get this shot, I had to fight bad knees and high winds as I set up my tripod in different positions along the trail- and just the trail at the top, mind you. I wish I had started this whole photography thing when I was younger!

Agate Bridge

At this viewpoint there were signs warning us to STAY OFF THE BRIDGE- accompanied by old photos of ladies in long skirts, hats, and boots standing on the bridge!   Despite the photos, we weren’t tempted to try to walk across.

In the Footsteps of John Muir

At this beautiful overlook in Petrified Forest National Park, there were photographs of John Muir standing in this very spot- I got chills!

Lunar Landscape?

Our first stop at Petrified Forest was the Crystal Forest, shown above in black and white. It’s hard to get a sense of scale looking at the image- but it may help to know that the blackish chunks near the bottom of photo are cut petrified trees, perhaps two feet in diameter.  They are everywhere.

And here is what the inside looks like!

We spent about an hour walking the trails of this area. It is eerily beautiful and definitely otherworldly.

C A L E B ! ! !

I’ve had a request for more baby photos! I’m happy to oblige- so here is Caleb, chilling in his favorite baby seat.

I didn’t do any formal baby portraits- he was either fussy, asleep, or we were on our way somewhere. But here are some fun shots I managed to get over the weekend.

Who does he look like? From straight on, I see some Matt- but in general, I think he favors his mommy!


On Bucket of Blood Street

We found our way here without looking for it. It’s pretty startling when your cell phone gives your location as Bucket of Blood Street! We were just driving around Holbrook and found our way to the railroad station; that’s when I looked at my app for directions and discovered what street we were on! Of course the name refers to an infamous bar fight when Holbrook was a cowboy town. By the way, I did NOT take this photo- I meant to, but got distracted.

Here is one of the photos I did take on Bucket of Blood Street. I was attracted to the sight of the daytime moon over the roofline of this old building, which now seems to serve mostly as a site for AA meetings.