On display along a street in Albuequerque- a broken wagon wheel.

The Jewelry Seller

Spotted in Albuquerque. I love how the cell phone complements the turquoise jewelry in her display.


Spotted on an old building in Mesilla. I’m not sure about the black lines- unless they are supposed to be folds.

Mesilla Scenes

More from Mesilla

Windows of Mesilla

More views of Mesilla windows-

La Ventana de Mesilla

On our trip to New Mexico, we visited Old Mesilla, near where my grandparents lived in Mesilla Park. Mesilla was settled by families from New Mexico and Mexico, but, after the Gadsden Purchase, became part of the United States. During the Civil War, Mesilla was the capital of the Arizona Territory!

As we walked around, we noticed many references to Billy the Kid and discovered that he had been tried and sentenced to death at the county courthouse. However, he escaped before the sentence could be carried out (only to be shot down later by Pat Garrett!).

End of history lesson!

Here is one of the local shops.



We stayed in the Davy Crockett room at our Tucson hotel, but it was Frida Kahlo’s eyes that followed us everywhere!

Very Arizona

Spotted in Tucson- a cardinal on a palo verde tree

Snow Memory

It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed . . . . .

and now it’s all gone.

The Flow

We took a drive yesterday in the beautiful weather, heading over to Cornville to visit the fish hatchery. The water flowing out of the tanks and through the grate caught my eye.

Cold and Sunny

It was the first sunny day after the Big Snow, and most people were able to leave their houses for the first time. We drove down to the square and watched kids making snowmen and playing in the snow. The joy in the air felt like Christmas somehow!

Winter View

It seemed that everyone started to emerge last Sunday from our forced hibernation. Lonnie and I went out to lunch and stopped to admire the view from above. It is definitely Winter- but now with the usual Arizona sunshine that we’ve grown used to.


Ice, Ice, Baby!

One of the best things about snow is ICICLES!

And on the fourth day . . .

We could barely make a dent in the snow covering our driveway, our street wasn’t plowed, and we began to think about how we would be able to get out in case of a medical emergency (not that we had any). On Saturday, Lonnie found a guy through our local Facebook page, and we had our driveway plowed in no time (finding a place to dump all the snow was a little tricky!). We discovered that our street at the BOTTOM of the hill was plowed, but even our snow plow hero had a hard time getting his truck up to our house.

By Sunday, the snow on the road started to melt, and we were able to finally get out. Everywhere you go, people are asking each other how they got out and when. I have one friend who finally got out Monday and another who still hasn’t been able to make it out as far as I know. Prescott is used to snow, but usually measured in inches, not feet. Our house is in an area of town where the snowfall is lighter than downtown- some neighborhoods got almost three feet in this storm!

My photo group meets today, and, due to the snow, we are just bringing digital images (no prints- yay!). All our images are to be SNOW related- and there will be SNACKS!


Table for Two

Prescott is ENVELOPED in SNOW!  An unusually severe snowstorm hit Northern Arizona Wednesday night and continued throughout the next day. The snow is falling more lightly as of Thursday evening, but we do have approximately 16 inches (and huge drifts!) where we live. We were all prepared for it, but the reality is pretty awe inspiring! Schools closed and a State of Emergency has been declared (seriously!).   I think we’ll be happy campers here at home as long as the satellite dish continues to operate.