My portfolio can be found HERE!

Here is a collection of some of my current favorite photos.


Probably my favorite kind of photographs to take are bits of nature- up close. I love weeds, shells, grasses, leaves- and flowers, which get their own section below.  I am attracted to lines, shapes, color, and the little details you might not notice at first glance- but I also am a lover of BLUR, which is why a Lensbaby or my trusty macro lens are favorites for shooting. I often use textures to enhance my photos to give them a painterly touch.

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I love to take photos of flowers!  Point, focus, shoot- a beautiful flower! And if I use a macro lens, even better!


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Still life images are fun to create- especially on those dreary winter days when nothing outside inspires me. I head to my garage “studio” and play with props (often flowers) to my heart’s content.

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Many of my favorites of my recent photos have been taken from my driveway or across the street. I enjoy using intentional camera movement and/or multiple exposures to express my feelings for the land and sky around me.

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Have camera, will travel!

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