Saguaro- the Softer Side

A lover of blur shoots a saguaro!

The above is a triptych of three saguaro detail images. I found that using intentional camera movement on the very prickly saguaro transformed it into something soft and dreamy- and quite different from the actual cactus. A white balance shift helped with this effect as well.


Another photo from our very short stop at the outlet mall… who knew I’d create something I like from an outlet mall???

This is started as an in-camera multiple exposure of a fountain and an archway.


Tuesday we made our last (fingers crossed!) trip to Phoenix for medical appointments for my husband’s back. It’s annoying and worrisome that doctors are leaving our town and that we sometimes have to make the almost 2 hour trek down the mountains for medical care. We have been spending the night each time and adding on something fun to the trips to make it more enjoyable each time.

On the way there we made our usual stop at the outlet mall for a short break- and this time I took the time to practice doing in-camera multiple exposures of the saguaros by the parking lot. Because my camera doesn’t have all the bells and whistles for multiple exposure, I often get discouraged and give up doing it in camera. However, this time I think I got a good result and enjoyed editing it pretty quickly in Photoshop.

Tin Peaks

I have always loved tin roofs- if you have never slept under one in the rain, you have missed out! The above abstract is an homage to the tin roofs of Bodie, reimagined and reconstructed here.

The View

Standing in my driveway and looking down at the street below, this is what you would see- if you turned your head very fast or perhaps had just indulged in a martini. I recently got a new variable neutral density filter that fits my zoom lens so that I can use a slow shutter speed in bright sunlight- and thus create impressionistic images by moving my camera around. Great fun!

Almost Iris

It’s almost Spring here in Prescott- finally. Our irises are going to bloom today or tomorrow, so I took some photos of the buds and leaves over the weekend. This one was taken using intentional camera movement- you can almost see it begin to unfurl.


Last week’s poppy adventure provided an unexpected photo op. As we headed to Saguaro Lake, we came upon some of the Salt River wild horses having their own poppy adventure! We had talked earlier about the possibility of trying to find them, but we didn’t really know where to go and the poppies were calling my name. It was certainly a moment of synchronicity finding some of the horses among the wildflowers!

Happy Easter!

This little Muscari (grape hyacinth) is one of maybe a dozen that are blooming in the midst of an area of ground cover in our back yard. I don’t recall ever seeing them before- perhaps it has been too dry previously. A very welcome Spring surprise!

Happy Easter, everyone!

2 Things

Another appointment in Phoenix meant another few days of photo ops (and restaurants…). This time we drove out to a couple lakes in search of poppy fields and were not disappointed!. This photo has two of my favorite things to photograph- wildflowers and…barbed wire.