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Shades of Gold- and white and blue

Saturday morning’s wintry mix (did the Weather Channel invent that term???) gave way to overcast skies, which finally dumped a layer of snow Saturday evening. Of course I took a few photos on the way to the grocery store on Sunday morning!

Willow Lake

Women’s Rights= Human Rights

Scenes from the Women’s March in Prescott yesterday

Sunrise Snow

A view of the snowy hill and houses across the main road from us- bathed in the early morning sunlight- fingers crossed that we have more snow this weekend!

Snow at Watson Lake

No, we haven’t had more snow (although it is predicted on Saturday), but here is another view from the same vantage point as my last post, just turning my camera to the left a bit.

Pretty White Stuff

We had snow Tuesday night which gave us maybe an inch yesterday morning. I was out with my camera as soon as I got up, because I knew it wouldn’t last- and it didn’t. Here’s a view of the path leading from Watson Lake to Watson Woods, a pretty scene.


Morning Abstract 2

Same subject as yesterday, different photo (multiple exposure), WAY different edit.

I enjoy naming my work now (used to hate that). This one is called Something’s Coming.

Morning Abstract

The January theme for our photo club is ABSTRACT- which I always love doing. I was uninspired until I walked into my bedroom and noticed the shape of the plant ledge against the sloping ceiling. I did several multiple exposures which I layered to create what this piece. I’m not sure if this is the one I’ll use, but I had fun creating it.

The Upside Down

With a nod to Stranger Things (one of my most FAVORITE series from last year), here is a reflection multiple exposure from last weekend’s walk at Lynx Lake:


A peaceful scene at Lynx Lake yesterday. . .

It’s only fitting

It’s only fitting that when I edit photos on my phone that I also post them from my phone! I tried this years ago and made a mess- so let’s hope it works better this time.

So… here are some multiple exposure flower images for some Friday fun:


My tiny, never ever getting bigger, heavenly bamboo is dressed in its winter colors! I had to crawl under apple tree branches to get this shot, btw.

Neighborhood Super Moon

Love the super moons! Someday I need to leave my driveway and try another vantage point. Might be about time.

Happy New Year!!!

The above is a composite of three images of last night’s fireworks show at the Resort here in Prescott- taken from our driveway.  We have an awesome view and don’t even need to leave our neighborhood for New Year’s entertainment. And it was at 9:00 pm- perfect for us old folks!


Still More Glaciers

A view from the top- Alyeska ski resort

Just a Glacier

In Alaska, it seems there are glaciers just about everywhere you look. Here’s another one (at midday- yikes!):