Simply Fall

Before I set up last week’s still life with the milk can, wheat, lantern and a multitude of pumpkins, I set up a simpler scene on a table for a test shot as I checked the focus and exposure. I soon realized that there wasn’t enough room for everything on the table and decided to move the whole tableau to the floor by the front door. After I finished editing that image, which I took to my photo group, I came across my original test shot. It is a much simpler composition and is edited fairly simply with an added texture- and (shhhhh…) I prefer this one.

Pumpkin Storm

I spent some time today doodling with a pumpkin image I took at Trader Joe’s a week ago. The historic storm battering Canada’s maritime provinces must have been on my mind as I edited this- hence, Pumpkin Storm.

Autumn Vibes

Fall is in the air- or at least it feels that way. It’s a bit cooler, it gets dark earlier, and there is a breeze. So even though the official start of fall is a couple days away, the autumn vibes inspired me to create my first still life of the season.

Summer’s End

As I get ready for today’s Labor Day barbecue, I think about how Labor Day meant the end of summer when I was a child. Now, most schools have been in session for a couple weeks or more. This image is from last October’s visit to Huntington Beach; summer is still in full swing in Southern California!

I am thinking of getting my Fall wreath out soon though. . .

Summer of Bees

As summer draws to a close, our yard is full of flowers- and BEES! I’m glad about the bees, but I don’t always want to have them in my flower shots. I decided to post this one however- I thought this little guy was particularly photogenic with its round little body and glowy wings in the middle of the cosmos.

But what IS it?

Not everyone likes abstract or impressionist photography. I happen to be one who reacts emotionally to color, form and light even if I can’t see a recognizable subject. Don’t get me wrong- I like and do traditional photos too- probably the majority of the time. But I guess I’m trying to say that this would not fall under the umbrella of traditional photography. And I was happy today that this image got such a positive response from my photo group, which used to be very much focused only on standard images.

But what IS it?

It is my impression of the waterfront of Benicia, California.


Morning coffee these days means sitting on the front porch watching the monsoon rains or sitting on the back patio and watching the hummingbird show. Today it was the hummingbirds.

We have had more hummingbirds than usual this summer and often they are vying for dominance in their territory. This morning they were zooming around so fast it was difficult to focus. Although they were focused on each other (and the feeder!), I considered they might actually fly right into me as I stood taking photos. As I write this, they are back at it again after a forced respite due to heavy rain.

I was in the mood for a soft photo when I edited this image, so muted the colors and added a blur and a paint filter over all. This is a look I like in photography- but does NOT reflect the mood of these feisty hummers.


The first summer I was here, I saw what I thought was a hummingbird and took several shots before going “Eeewwww! That’s not a hummingbird!” Just in case you need educating like I did, this is some kind of sphinx moth. They flit among the flowers and hover like hummingbirds as they sip the nectar from the plants. They are pollinators, so I like them, but still get a bit grossed out by them.


Most of my Alaska photography time last month was spent photographing the loons that swam peacefully around the lake. Often they would dive beneath the water for food and then surface with a spray of bubbly lake water. They were usually in pairs and would call to each other when they were separated, flapping their wings when the other was spotted. There was a pair with babies which I never saw, unfortunately. Next year…


I think there’s nothing more serene than looking out at water, especially a still Alaska lake with reflections of the shore. This is NOT my daughter’s cabin, but I am now thinking I need to take my camera out in their boat and take a similar photo.

Monsoon Clouds

I can happily report that we are having a good monsoon season this summer. We have had many days where we got some rain, and have had several big storms. Today’s storm was dramatic and beautiful. We were awakened in the night by LOUD cracks of thunder, lightning, and lots of rain. In the morning it was clear and beautiful with white puffy clouds. We drove up to a good vantage point to see the beautiful sky over Prescott, and I took the upper left photo of Prescott, with the veteran’s hospital in the foreground, and the darkening sky over the Thumb Butte in the background. As I stood there, it began to thunder, and lightning bolts shot down from the clouds (no, I couldn’t manage to snag any shots of the lightning). We went downtown for lunch on the patio of one of our favorite lunch places, and the thunderstorm continued. The rest of the photos are from home. In the last photo, you can see the sky was darkening enough in the early afternoon that our driveway light came on. Later, heavy rain began, the storm continued, and flash flood warnings kept coming on my iPhone. I love the drama of a great monsoon storm!

Setting Sun

Some of my favorite images (and memories) come from last summer’s vacation in Alaska when we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. I have a multitude of photos still to be processed, and I love dipping into the collection and finding new images to create. This one is two photos taken within minutes of each other and layered in Photoshop.