Another photo from our very short stop at the outlet mall… who knew I’d create something I like from an outlet mall???

This is started as an in-camera multiple exposure of a fountain and an archway.


Tuesday we made our last (fingers crossed!) trip to Phoenix for medical appointments for my husband’s back. It’s annoying and worrisome that doctors are leaving our town and that we sometimes have to make the almost 2 hour trek down the mountains for medical care. We have been spending the night each time and adding on something fun to the trips to make it more enjoyable each time.

On the way there we made our usual stop at the outlet mall for a short break- and this time I took the time to practice doing in-camera multiple exposures of the saguaros by the parking lot. Because my camera doesn’t have all the bells and whistles for multiple exposure, I often get discouraged and give up doing it in camera. However, this time I think I got a good result and enjoyed editing it pretty quickly in Photoshop.

Tin Peaks

I have always loved tin roofs- if you have never slept under one in the rain, you have missed out! The above abstract is an homage to the tin roofs of Bodie, reimagined and reconstructed here.

Alley Abstract

A couple weeks ago we had a short stay down in “the valley” (what Arizonans refer to as the Phoenix area) and stayed an extra day to avoid returning home during the massive snowstorm. After a morning spent birdwatching at Gilbert Water Ranch, we spent some time walking through the Roosevelt Row area of Phoenix, the downtown art district with murals, galleries and shops.

This abstract was created by combining two images- shadows on an alley wall and a mirrored wall installation.


I’ve neglected my blog lately and am so behind in editing photos! I’m overcommitted in my photography life, plus there have been other things going on as well. So today I have an image I had saved for one photo group- and then have used in ANOTHER photo group. I have edited it several ways- here’s one for today.

Leaves in Ice

A few days ago, the wind blew some beautiful leaves into our driveway. I remembered making some images a few years ago of flowers I had frozen and decided to try the process with leaves. I am currently working on creating abstracts using in-camera multiple exposures, and I find it interesting how the doubly exposed ice and leaves interacted with each other to create this abstract image.

But what IS it?

Not everyone likes abstract or impressionist photography. I happen to be one who reacts emotionally to color, form and light even if I can’t see a recognizable subject. Don’t get me wrong- I like and do traditional photos too- probably the majority of the time. But I guess I’m trying to say that this would not fall under the umbrella of traditional photography. And I was happy today that this image got such a positive response from my photo group, which used to be very much focused only on standard images.

But what IS it?

It is my impression of the waterfront of Benicia, California.

Setting Sun

Some of my favorite images (and memories) come from last summer’s vacation in Alaska when we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. I have a multitude of photos still to be processed, and I love dipping into the collection and finding new images to create. This one is two photos taken within minutes of each other and layered in Photoshop.