We spent a few days in California this last weekend, and I was able to get out on the beach with my camera for a couple hours. Watching the waves always brings me peace, and this time I decided I would only use slow shutter speeds and a bit of intentional camera movement to convey that feeling in my photos. Although I’ve used these techniques before, this was the first shoot where I ONLY used them. The results were mixed, but here is a quick edit of a gull in flight, which I hope captures the peace and calm I was feeling as I took the photo.

Words to Live By

What a great message!

Spotted in Bisbee.


We went away last weekend to celebrate my birthday! We headed to Oro Valley to a beautiful VRBO and took trips every day to various areas within a couple hours from where we stayed. In 2020, our photo group had to cancel our planned trip to Sierra Vista, so we did a general reconnaissance trip of the area for when we eventually do a photo trip again.

The morning of the first day, we visited Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon and did a little bird watching, which was a lot of fun. A big attraction was the hummingbirds. As various birders came in, they excitedly asked if the Berylline had been spotted yet- a hummingbird that I, of course, had never heard of or seen. It evidently had been making regular appearances at a particular feeder, but it was not seen during the morning we were there. The broad-billed hummingbird below was not at all shy and was a constant visitor to the feeder near us.

Other birds we saw included acorn woodpeckers, pine siskins, black headed grosbeaks, scrub jays, and a white-breasted nuthatch. Remembering bird names is always a challenge for me- thank goodness for my iPhone apps.

We continued on to Tubac for a delicious Mexican lunch and a bit of gallery browsing. A great day!


It’s just a gull- not an unusual sight at the beach (understatement!)- but it was so nice to be able to take a picture of one. So here he is!

Bright Beauties

Spotted in Southern California

A Day at the Beach

Well, the people in the photo were having a day at the beach. I was having lunch with my husband and son at a restaurant across the street from the beach- but I managed to snap a half dozen photos while they talked sports. This is Huntington Beach- Surf City U.S.A.- a great place to take photos. And I’m still experimenting with my color textures- this one is more subtle.

Lunch at the Beach

On our first day in Southern California a week ago, we met up with our friends, Nevin and Darrell for lunch at Ruby’s in Newport Beach. It was our first time meeting up with friends at a restaurant since the pandemic began- and it felt so normal! We talked and laughed for over an hour- sharing news of kids, favorite TV shows to binge-watch, makeup tips (LOL!), and anything and everything! As I said, NORMAL- and normal felt so good!

Matt and Caleb

During last week’s visit, three year old Caleb was constantly in motion it seemed, but here is a quick shot of him sitting on his dad’s lap. Such a cutie!

Together Again!

After 16 months of bring apart, we were able to safely get together again with our son and his family in California! Three year old Caleb has grown a lot in the last year- it was so wonderful to get to know him all over again! This photo was taken at the park where Caleb plays every day.

In July we will go to Alaska to visit our daughter’s family- we are so excited to be able to resume our grandparenting lives again!

Springtime Beauty

We have so many flowers in our yard right now, thanks to Lonnie- it’s hard to choose what to photograph!

A Change of Pace

I’m in a little photo group within AAUW (American Association of University Women), and each month we share photos on a theme. We take turns doing presentations on photography topics and have a lot of fun- even now on Zoom. May’s theme is Opposites, so below are the ones I’m planning to submit.






Spotted as I went into the dentist’s office!

On the Road to Bagdad

We took a drive a few days ago and ended up driving all the way to Bagdad (no H- it’s Bagdad, Arizona- not Baghdad, Iraq!). We were surprised by the dip in elevation, allowing us to see saguaros, ocatillo, and prickly pear cactus in bloom.

Flower Power

Spring has come at last, and we have flowers in our garden- roses, hollyhocks, and irises from last year and some new annuals planted by Lonnie.


Comfort Zone

I watched a program on getting out of your photography comfort zone last night. Beach, bird, painterly, textures- none of these are out of my comfort zone, alas. Maybe next week I’ll try something new . . .