Blue Two

From another viewpoint at Blue Mesa:


Just Passing Through

This guy came through my yard over the weekend and gave me a chance to have some Photoshop fun.

I played with Topaz Studio, which I am determined to actually learn to USE this summer. This preset is called bookbinder and, if I’m understanding this correctly, was one of a zillion filters developed by a “regular” person, someone in the Topaz community. I never ever ever use a filter over my whole image, but this time I did (although reduced opacity). Fun!

Cold Reflections

Snowy rocks and their reflections at Willow Lake a couple weeks ago during the last snowstorm:

The Little House

As we were leaving the beach, I couldn’t help but notice a little beach house that was dwarfed by its newer, more modern neighbors. It brought to mind a book I used to read to my first graders every year- The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton about a small country house sitting all by itself that over the years became engulfed by the city growing up around it. I wondered if something like that had happened here.

The little beach house was so shaded by its neighbors that I had to do a lot of camera work and post-processing to even get it to be visible- take 3 bracketed images, combine into an HDR and do some dodging after that. I started to see it as an illustration, so used Topaz Simplify to create this new look. One of our assignments in class is a book cover- so now I’m saving this image to possibly bring later on in case I can’t come up with another idea for a book cover.

Wonder what the title could be?

FYI-  here is the middle exposure of the three bracketed images:

Now I have to come up with another photo for next week’s class!



Winter Shore

Looking across Watson Lake at the snowy shoreline:

Morning Abstract

The January theme for our photo club is ABSTRACT- which I always love doing. I was uninspired until I walked into my bedroom and noticed the shape of the plant ledge against the sloping ceiling. I did several multiple exposures which I layered to create what this piece. I’m not sure if this is the one I’ll use, but I had fun creating it.


A peaceful scene at Lynx Lake yesterday. . .

It’s only fitting

It’s only fitting that when I edit photos on my phone that I also post them from my phone! I tried this years ago and made a mess- so let’s hope it works better this time.

So… here are some multiple exposure flower images for some Friday fun:

Happy New Year!!!

The above is a composite of three images of last night’s fireworks show at the Resort here in Prescott- taken from our driveway.  We have an awesome view and don’t even need to leave our neighborhood for New Year’s entertainment. And it was at 9:00 pm- perfect for us old folks!


Still Dreaming. . .

No, this isn’t Prescott- I took this in Alaska last year. It doesn’t look like we have much chance of a White Christmas this year (although it is hecka cold!)- so I’ll still be dreaming on Christmas day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

from our Thanksgiving walk on the Peavine Trail:



Another Castle Dome interior- not quite sure which building this was. 😮

Junk Tableau

Typical Castle Dome interiors- so much to photograph!

By the Pond

Just a peek over the reeds at Watson Pond

Doors in Windows, Windows in Doors

Having a little multiple exposure fun with doors and windows. . .