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With Intent

Intention has continued to be a hot topic of discussion with my photo group this week. I think shooting flowers with intention is perhaps not what we all had in mind, but, since I was taking photos of gerbera daisies, that was where I practiced.  I did not make a list of words as was suggested, but I did have the words nostalgia and vintage in mind when I shot and edited this photo. Looking at it afterward, I realize I should/could have used a vintage container for the flowers- but I was thinking simple too, I guess. As usual, I did stray in my other flower photos (you’ll see another shot tomorrow)- so I’m not sure this is the best method for me.

I Heart Daisies

Friday I posted photos of the lone pink gerbera daisy amongst the white ones in my Trader Joe’s bouquet.

So today I present the white ones!

20150507-MMA_4812_melinda_anderson 20150507-MMA_4815_melinda_anderson 20150507-MMA_4816_melinda_anderson

Looking Down at Daisies

Our assignment this week in The Studio was photographing flowers- from above.  The weather was so beautiful this weekend that I took my photos out on the back patio- perfect for this assignment.