Do you believe in MAGIC?


A month or two ago, the instructor of my photo group announced that the topic for our final would be MAGIC.



We had not had any topics during my tenure with the group, so I was dumbfounded to be given a topic- and even more so that there would be a FINAL!

I vacillated between several ideas- mostly not literal interpretations of the theme- but one morning, I just woke up with the idea fully formed, including the ideal model to use- our friend, Dale.

Fortunately, Dale was up to the task and within a few days the photo was taken, edited, and printed at Costco. Later on, I got my brand new Epson printer set up and attempted to print it myself. I am still learning the ins and outs of printing photos, so it took several hours of test prints and more editing to get it to look the way I wanted.

No grades were given, but the photo was given a rave review by the instructor- whew! The only negative comment was that the edge of his watch showed- darn! It’s gone now.

I’m now on summer break, with the group/class resuming near the end of August.