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Definitely Pink

It’s summertime, thank goodness- and there is always something to photograph in our yard. If it isn’t a rose, it’s a dahlia or a honeysuckle or a daisy!

Words to Live By

What a great message!

Spotted in Bisbee.

Blast from the Past

When we were in Bisbee a week ago, we took a little side trip to Lowell- once a mining town, and now part of Bisbee itself. It was fun to look at the old cars and buildings; below is the old police department.


It was almost sunset in the desert, but the sun was still fiery hot. This was taken after dinner outside the house where we stayed in Oro Valley, Arizona for my birthday.


While everyone around us was watching the hummingbirds at the feeders, I happened to turn around and spot this little guy on the pole behind the group. He looked at me, I looked at him. He was very cute! My bird app tells me he was a white-breasted nuthatch.


It’s just a gull- not an unusual sight at the beach (understatement!)- but it was so nice to be able to take a picture of one. So here he is!

Bright Beauties

Spotted in Southern California

Flower Power

Spring has come at last, and we have flowers in our garden- roses, hollyhocks, and irises from last year and some new annuals planted by Lonnie.



As I post this thistle image, the line from All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth is going through my head- “Thithter Thuthie Thittin’ on a Thithle…”.

Sunset Surfing

We are hoping to travel to California in the next month. Our son and wife will both have their second shots, my photography group will be finishing up the semester, and the beaches beckon! It’s been a long year without family, friends, and travel . . .

This image is from one of our trips three years ago.

An Egret in Klimt’s Garden

I have SO many egret photos I haven’t posted, so am experimenting outside the box. I had so much fun editing this one- the final image reminds me of the colors used by Gustav Klimt.

Happy Easter!

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Take Me Home, Country Roads

There’s nothing like an old country road to inspire picture-taking!


Daffodils in the stores must mean it’s Spring, right? These were part of a beautiful little bouquet brought to us by our friends, Debbie and Dale on the occasion of the four of us, all having had our second shots over two weeks ago, getting together in our house without masks for the first time in over a year! It felt so normal, yet surreal at the same time. The light at the end of this long tunnel is finally in sight.

Snow Trees

Although there are signs of Spring, winter has not loosened its grip. Although this photo is from two months ago, I could have taken a similar shot this week. Snow is only on the ground in patches currently, but it has snowed more days than not in the last week.