Golden Weeds

I finally upgraded my ON1 software to the latest version (there was a deal I couldn’t resist. . .), mostly because my photo group purchased some of their tutorials for us. I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the new interface and all the new filters (new to me, that is). One thing I have noticed is better performance than with my old version of the software.

I added a texture in Photoshop to this light box photo of weeds and then added another filter and a border in ON1 Effects.  Fun! Now I just have to remember to use it . . .



20150421-MMA_3981_melinda_anderson-EditI had fun changing things up, editing this butterfly in a black and white grunge style.  It actually was a whitish, monochromatic butterfly (don’t ask me what kind!) to begin with, and I just took it from there!