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Hot chocolate and a book by the fire- my kind of evening!



Very Berry Still Life

One of the recent prompts in the studio is BERRIES, which I have photographed many times and never tire of, so I thought this theme would be a good one for me to do to get back into the swing of still life. As usual, the simpler compositions worked best for me.



Tea for Me

I was in the mood for still life yesterday, but wasn’t inspired by the current prompt (music). Ideas were swirling around in my head, but just swirling, not yet in focus. I decided to look to my Flickr Daily Challenge group (which is becoming a monthly challenge for me these days. . .) for ideas, and found that one of the topics is Tea Time- a perfect still life topic.  I have many tea cups inherited from my grandmother which I am aways intending to photograph, and I had a single rose- so the still life easily came together.

Here are two of the images- I’ll probably post a couple more later in the week. The top photo was edited with one of Kim Klassen’s Lightroom presets (kk_today), and the second was without a preset.

20150427-MMA_4398_melinda_anderson 20150427-MMA_4422_melinda_anderson-EditThe teacup is Royal Chelsea (made in England), the sugar and creamer say Venice on the bottom, and the little dish with the teabag and rose on it is Limoges.

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Still and more still

I have a few more images to share from my still life marathon in the bathroom studio.  Each photo is edited with Kim Klassen’s textures, different ones on each photo.

books_and_bottle 26Apr2014-6324-Edit


My friend and fellow photographer, Carol (, and I have been talking about the use of negative space in our images.  In looking through some still-life photos I took Saturday, I found one that definitely has negative space- more than I usually use in my photos. This was taken in my current home studio- the hall bathroom- that’s a shower curtain in the background!