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I fell in love with the colors of the Tucson Barrio when we were there a few weeks ago.  Here are some images that didn’t make the blog:

20150709-MMA_0034_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150709-MMA_0040_melinda_anderson 20150709-MMA_9663_melinda_anderson-Edit pink_triptych

Tucson Evenings

Even though we only spent two full days there, I still have Tucson photos to share!  Here are two views of the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains taken from the balcony of our hotel room.

Double rainbow and rain!

20150708-MMA_9602_melinda_anderson-Edit Sunset


Snapshots of the Barrio

20150709-MMA_9839_melinda_anderson-Edit20150709-MMA_0027_melinda_anderson-EditAnd this one is for Miles, my fellow lover of “old, falling apart things”.


In the Barrio

Since we moved to Arizona, I’ve wanted to visit Tucson’s famous Barrio Viejo, the historic district of quaint and VIBRANT old adobe buildings. We managed set aside a morning out of our anniversary trip last week to stroll through the area and take photos- MANY photos.  You will be seeing many more photos like the ones in this diptych in future posts!


Mission San Xavier

Nine miles south of Tucson, on the Tohono O’odham reservation sits the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac, an incredible structure constructed in 1797, with the mission itself dating back to 1692. It is undergoing repair and reconstruction, as you can see from the photos.

I had to wait patiently for tourists to move so that I could have a clear view of the building.  It amused me how people would walk toward me and my tripod, looking straight at me and then turn, still standing in front of me, and take cell phone photos.  I started thinking about how to clone them out in post processing.  Finally, I took some shots with only a few people in the photo, and we went inside to tour the building.

When we came out, Lonnie noticed that the front of the building was clear, so I raced back to the car to get my tripod and set up again.

20150710-MMA_0627_melinda_anderson-EditI like the photo below too, because of the foursome walking toward the mission.


The image below has the completed tower in the foreground, the incomplete behind.  Edited with Topaz Simplify and Flypaper textures.


Tucson Morning

I’ve just returned from a wonderful, quick midweek getaway to Tucson, where we celebrated our 44th anniversary at a beautiful resort. We did a couple excursions in the mornings and then spent the afternoons relaxing by the pool- my kind of vacation! I always say (correctly so) that I am not a landscape photographer- I don’t have all the best gear, I hate to use my tripod out in public, and I don’t like getting up early to get the best light!  But recently it dawned on me that, when I travel, I always take landscape photographs anyway- usually without a tripod and never in good light- even though I KNOW BETTER.  I decided that on this trip I would take my tripod and perhaps even use it in public if appropriate. Since we had a view from our hotel room of the mountains, I decided to get up early one morning and do it right. The night before, I put the camera on the tripod, attached the cable release, and adjusted the settings. I set my alarm and got up well before the sun came up; I haven’t counted the photos but I clicked that cable release many, MANY times over the course of an hour.  I really like how the rays of the early morning sun peek up over the horizon in this image.20150710-MMA_0555_melinda_anderson-Edit-Edit-2 I also took my tripod along when visiting the Mission San Xavier del Bac- but you’ll have to wait for those photos!