Beyond Beyond- Day 29

This is seriously fun!  I have played around a bit with textures before using Photoshop brushes and was never satisfied with anything I did. This time it was frustrating at first, but I kept at it- and finally created a few I might actually USE.

I took macro photos around the house of a few textures- rocks, tile, clouds, carpet, window blinds, screen etc. Then I brought them into Lightroom and Photoshop and played with them- for 2 days off and on.  I changed colors, blurred them, painted over them, added text, used blend modes etc. etc.  The test was to layer them with a photograph and see if they actually did anything wonderful to the photo.  As I mentioned in my last post,  this is where I ran into trouble.  Some of my textures were too light to even show up.  But I played some more today and ended up with some decent ones. I want to do this again, but I have so many textures I’ve bought or collected over the years (and they are so much better than mine)- that I wonder if it is something I will actually do.  It is fun though.

texture layout-Edit

The textures on top are from a rock and a window blind combined with clouds.

The bottom two textures are both from a tile on my hearth (with different tints).

My husband wants to know what I’m naming my textures. The Downton Abbey collection has been done already by our mentor, Kim Klassen. I have some ideas- I’ll keep you posted!


One response

  1. Well, how cool! They look very professional!

    December 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm

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