Milk Can

We’ve had an old milk can around the house forever.  I think my father found it at the old house he bought during the forties when he first moved to Chico to start his dental practice.  I re-discovered it in the seventies and took it to our Petaluma house where I used it for a dry arrangement, which included pampas grass, as I remember. The milk can’s claim to fame was as the unexpected hiding place for my keys, which my son Matt dropped in there when he was a toddler and we didn’t discover until several years later after we moved to Sacramento. It has moved with us each time, but has always been in the garage- never having a real place, but too cool to get rid of, even during the last extreme purge of our possessions before our move to Arizona.  During the last few days while my husband has been out of town, I’ve been playing around with places to put it and have it currently placed on our front patio.  I bought a few tall “sticks” at Joann’s to put inside, and also cut off some of the tall shoots from one of my mystery plants out front.

Here are some detail shots of the milk can and pods from the mystery plant- both converted to black and white.

12Oct 2013-6313


12Oct 2013-6322-Edit



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