Somewhere over the . .

Warning: there are more Arizona skies in this post!

Last night,we had just sat down to dinner, when my husband exclaimed- LOOOOOK!  This is not that unusual; we have beautiful clouds and sunsets (not to mention birds and snakes and lizards. . .), and we are always telling each other to LOOOOK!

As you have guessed, there was a beautiful rainbow out there (and it had not been raining).


But what became immediately apparent was that it was a DOUBLE rainbow that stretched across the whole horizon! I grabbed my camera (and he grabbed his), and we ran outside. I don’t know if he captured the whole span, but I soon discovered that my 18-200 mm lens was not really wide enough- especially, because it started raining as soon as we got out there, and we had to stand on the porch and then in the open garage.  It got too wet too quickly to stand out there, so we went back to eating dinner. These photos do not begin to capture the beauty of the rainbow or the quality of the light- but here they are.




I don’t know what is going on with the clouds in the middle two photos (the darker semi-circular shape at the top).  A camera thing, a flying saucer thing- who knows?

BTW, it being summer in Arizona, there was thunder and lightning going on too!

One response

  1. Oh such a lovely rainbow! {Do you have a lens filter on your lens? That might be what’s causing your little flying saucer. I’ve learned that the hard way.}

    August 11, 2014 at 8:30 am

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