We’ve got FLOOR!


A casual visitor to my blog might think I’ve been traveling all summer (Jerome, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco), but those were actually just one day visits. Most of my summer has actually been taken up with the FLOOR.

The leak which required our original flooring to be have to be replaced happened in April, and it took until the middle of May to deal with the insurance company, have the cabinets repaired, and decide on the new floor. This could not all be accomplished before our family’s visit- so we had just concrete in the kitchen and dining room while they were here. After they left, we began the process of clearing off the bookshelves and closet floors etc. in preparation for the installation.  It sounds easier than it was, since ALL the floors (except bathrooms) were replaced.

And I am happy to report that the floor is IN!

I’ve spent very little time on photography this summer, alas. And my blog posts for the last 2-3 weeks were written and uploaded a couple weeks in advance to be published automatically by WordPress, due to the fact that our office was dismantled. Things are almost back to normal now, and I should actually have time to take and edit photos.

Can I have an AMEN?!?

3 thoughts on “We’ve got FLOOR!

  1. Amen! We need our 22 year old carpeting upstairs and down replaced but the thought of moving everything. Eeeek! I feel what your pain was!!!!!

  2. AMEN and Hip Hip Hooray!! Get that camera out of mothballs lady!! Your fans await your great talent!!

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