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More Sunshine

Here’s some more Arizona sunshine for today!


Yes, I took photos of the eclipse! The Super Blood Wolf Moon! As I write this, the moon is still eclipsed- so much so, that when I bumped into my tripod in the dark, I could not find the moon again in my view finder. Time to go to bed.

Here is the moon on the rise, partly covered by clouds.


And here is when the moon was almost completely in the earth’s shadow.




Lean In

The tree across the street has a slight tilt. . .

Wintry Day

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

(driveway shot)

Toy House

I love to take photographs when it is snowy! The world is covered in a white blanket which eliminates details and simplifies the shapes, creating a toy village effect, at least in my mind. I am a fan of simple compositions in art and photography, and I think I got this shot of the house across the street down to about as simple as I could make it!

White World

It was a white world out there yesterday morning! I knew it was supposed to snow during the night (and then maybe rain later), so when I woke up at 5:00, I didn’t try to go back to sleep. I ventured outside before the sun came up- trying to take photos in the DARK (not too successfully)- and kept going out until it was light enough to shoot without a tripod. The photo below is an iPhone shot- just as good as my Nikon photos, I think. I added a few touches in Photoshop.

Sun in Winter

One of the wonderful things about living in Arizona is that even on most cold days we have sunshine.  A few days ago, Lonnie and I ran (well, walked fast) to the window to look at the fog- such a rare occurrence we watched and watched! It lifted after awhile, but it was interesting while it lasted.

So this is a flower tribute to Arizona sunshine!

Fall Leftovers

A multiple exposure

Sweet Baby Boy

Here’s a cute baby to start the week!

Night Flight

They’re gone.

We’ve had a wonderfully busy couple weeks- Christmas with our Alaska family, then a last minute snowy New Year’s visit by our son’s family so the cousins could meet again, and finally a stay in Scottsdale before the midnight flight back to Alaska. And I hardly took any photos! But we have lots of great memories!

A few favorite moments:

  • Having the boys here for Christmas morning for the first time
  • Watching Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Justin interact with the baby- they are such pros!
  • Watching Baby Caleb “crawl” around the living room.
  • The SNOW- we got at least six inches on New Year’s Eve day. And our daughter-in-law hates cold weather (she was a trooper)!
  • Dinner with the whole family together!
  • The moment Henry arrived and walked to the refrigerator and exclaimed, “Whaaaat? There are too many photos of Baby Caleb on here! Are there more than me? ” The baby of our family is no longer the baby!
  • Watching Miles sit for well over an hour reading the entire family history binder on his own, shutting it, and declaring “This is the second most boring book I’ve ever read!” – but, a few days later, seeing an ad for Taylor Swift on TV and announcing- we have Swifts in our family! And I was able to tell him that she is his cousin!
  • Swimming (all day!) in the pool in with the boys on the coldest day Scottsdale has experienced in 5 years

The house seems so empty. It’s back to to-do lists and adjusting to the reality that it is 2019.

Happy New Year!

Wiping Out

As seen at Huntington Beach

Beach Boy

No, we aren’t at the beach, but we’ve been very busy with family here- and I haven’t even taken any photos! Over the next few days, I plan to post some previously unseen (!) photos from November.



Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Yavapai County Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona 2018


The full winter moon was obscured by clouds when we got home last night- and I kept thinking about the photo I missed earlier as it rose. But all the same, I’m glad to have witnessed the timeless beauty of this winter solstice moon.

No, I didn’t see the meteor shower.

The Paternal Line

Here’s another family photo- 3 Anderson guys!