Beach Blur!

20150311-DSC_0292_melinda_andersonWe’re not in Arizona anymore! We are . . .  o n  v a c a t i o n !

And these photos are from my brand new Nikon D7100! My camera ended up having to be sent to Nikon after all; the shutter was replaced, but there were still problems.  So, I now have a second camera, which will, of course, become my first camera. It is the newer version of my old camera- basically the same, but with a better sensor and a few other tweaks. It’s on sale right now, because the even newer version comes out next week.

I had so much fun today using my new toy with the Lensbaby Sweet 35.  Of course, many of my lensbaby photos didn’t turn out, but my ratio is getting better. These shots were both taken at Pacific Beach in San Diego.

I love Arizona, but it is sooooo nice to be taking photos at the ocean!


4 thoughts on “Beach Blur!

  1. Great shots! Love the splash on the pier. And, I’ll bet you’re thrilled to have a Nikon back in your hands. So glad you decided to get the 7100. Looking forward to more Lensbaby pix.

  2. So happy for you that you have a big girl again and are having a great time. Lensbaby couldn’t be a better companion well Lonnie would probably object to me saying that but you know what I mean? Have a ton of fun my friend, I haven’t gotten to the state of thinking I love AZ.

  3. Oh Melinda, these are just beautiful….I would not think to use a Lensbaby at the ocean! The pier shot is amazing. I’m so glad for you that a camera was waiting for you, and on sale! Thanks for sharing your first day with us! Enjoy!!!

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