Almost Iris

It’s almost Spring here in Prescott- finally. Our irises are going to bloom today or tomorrow, so I took some photos of the buds and leaves over the weekend. This one was taken using intentional camera movement- you can almost see it begin to unfurl.


Last week’s poppy adventure provided an unexpected photo op. As we headed to Saguaro Lake, we came upon some of the Salt River wild horses having their own poppy adventure! We had talked earlier about the possibility of trying to find them, but we didn’t really know where to go and the poppies were calling my name. It was certainly a moment of synchronicity finding some of the horses among the wildflowers!

Happy Easter!

This little Muscari (grape hyacinth) is one of maybe a dozen that are blooming in the midst of an area of ground cover in our back yard. I don’t recall ever seeing them before- perhaps it has been too dry previously. A very welcome Spring surprise!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Little darlin’, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darlin’, it seems like years since it’s been clear

Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s alright

George Harrison

After a long dismal winter, we were beside ourselves to find this field of gorgeous poppies yesterday. It still seems like winter in Prescott- still having occasional snow and lots of flooding rains- BUT. . . down in Wickenburg, it is SPRING! We stayed longer than expected, just enjoying the scenery and eventually having a late lunch/dinner downtown. What a great day!

Summer of Bees

As summer draws to a close, our yard is full of flowers- and BEES! I’m glad about the bees, but I don’t always want to have them in my flower shots. I decided to post this one however- I thought this little guy was particularly photogenic with its round little body and glowy wings in the middle of the cosmos.

Prickly Poppy

Every summer, I take photos of these prickly poppies, and I usually am not happy with them. This one was shot at the end of a walk at Watson Lake just as it was thundering and clouding over. A few raindrops were coming down, and the clouds softened the usually harsh noon light, which brought out the details of the petals.

Warning- these prickly leaves are sharp, which is why I’ve never succeeded in picking one of these poppies. Next time- heavy garden gloves and clippers!

Friday Flowers

If you seen eryngium, you might hesitate to call it a flower. It looks like a thistle, but is supposed to be an herb, common name sea holly. Although I took many shots, the one I like best is this multiple exposure with a bit of intentional camera movement on one layer.


This butterfly has been fluttering by the windows that look out on our back yard, but it never seemed to land. Today, I caught a glimpse of it through the front window and saw it land on a bush at the edge of our property. I grabbed my camera and spent about 10 minutes watching and photographing it with my zoom lens- my first butterfly photo of the summer!