Winter’s End

Just a couple more winter images before it’s springtime!

This one is another intentional camera movement shot from Eklutna Lake in Alaska- with a bit of Photoshop magic:

The image below is a composite of a few iPhone shots from icy Alaska- and snowy Prescott- edited with iPhone apps:

Morning Blues

The other morning I woke up early and looked out the window to see blue stripes of clouds in the pre-dawn sky. I threw on some gym pants and slippers, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the driveway to shoot some pictures before the sun came up. I ended up crossing the street to get this view of the peaks and hills in the distance. I took multiple exposures as well as intentional camera movement shots and had a great time- until I realized that the sun had come up and I was across the street in my nightclothes, with a wild bedhead- and was waving my camera around like a madwoman. This is how I am earning my reputation as the neighborhood crazy person!

Below is what looks like a multiple exposure- and I guess it is- but it was shot by moving the camera around during a long exposure (intentional camera movement).




October Color

Last week, Lonnie read a feature in our local paper about the beautiful fall color to be found at in Watson Woods, the riparian preserve by Watson Lake, only a mile or two from our house.  We drive by it every day, so we decided to go over there and see what we could see.

The photo below shows one of the first scenes to catch my eye- what photographer can resist reflections?


Here’s another version of the same scene- with intentional camera movement for an impressionistic view.


We walked until the mid afternoon heat started to catch up with me (why was I wearing long sleeves and a vest?), and then we stopped to soak in the atmosphere before walking back to the car.


Moving Trees

I shot this photo in Eagle River, Alaska while out for a walk with the family. Yes, the blur was on purpose; I knew intentional camera movement was one of the upcoming topics for my photo club. I want to do more of this- the results are somewhat unpredictable, but fun!


Off the Wall, In a Grid, Out of Focus

I’ve been having fun playing with my photography this week, because I’m taking Kim Manley-Ort’s abstract photography class. We’ve been given the task of looking at the work of a list of abstract photographers this week and thinking about who inspires us. Today’s photos don’t really fulfill that assignment, as I’m still absorbing what I’ve looked at and thinking about what I’ve already been doing.  I know I love black and white and minimalist photography (abstract or not), fluid and out of focus images (Lensbaby, ICM), and light and shadow play.  I love taking detail shots, which may or may not be abstracts.  Basically, I really like to play with my camera! And, yes, with the editing too!

Here are two sets of abstract shots, which I ended up placing in grids after some color play. No, this was not the assignment!

Tire tread marks:

20141109-color_abstract2_melinda_andersonGlass patio table:

20141109-color_abstract_melinda_andersonAnd then, here’s another attempt at intentional camera movement:






Lavender ICM

I’m fascinated by intentional camera movement (ICM) and the often abstract images resulting. It is harder than it looks, and I have yet to find the right combination of subject, settings, and movement to produce what I am trying to create.  There is always an element of surprise, which makes it fun.

Here are two shots of lavender from my front yard, created by using slow shutter speeds and moving the camera.