Herd Mentality

Newport Beach scene in black and white.

I’m a walkin’ . . .

Yes indeed! Another bit of the beach scene from our last trip to Newport-

The Scene

Newport Beach scene


Looking down at an abstract in the sand. . .

Going Down

Here’s another view of Newport Beach at sunset.


Hanging around after the sun went down before heading back to the hotel . . .

Paint it Blue

Brushstrokes of blue across the early morning beach… Newport beach late January




With a Little Help from my Friends

Just three

Another Winter Shore

We drove to Southern California at the end of last week to visit our son and his wife for the last time before their much anticipated baby boy is born- and went a day early so we could see the ocean again.  We walked in the late afternoon and early morning and so enjoyed being on the almost deserted beach!

Life of a Disorganized Photographer

A couple months back I posted a shot of a little store we spotted when we were staying in Newport Beach. You may remember I mentioned that I envisioned an image where the store was placed right on the beach. Soon after I did just that, but wasn’t entirely satisfied and never printed the image for class.

I have been avoiding complicated editing of late, but really wanted something slightly more complex for my last image of the semester- which is due tomorrow. I remembered the shop on the beach, and decided to use that, rather than creating something new. I opened the image and realized that I had done a TERRIBLE job of selecting and placing the store onto the beach. A few weeks after I had edited the photo, our class re-watched some terrific videos on the “select and mask” tool in Photoshop, and my skills have improved since then.  Did I think to re-select the image to place on the beach? No! Instead I spent 4 hours with a sore arm cleaning it up and fixing it!

And then- the external hard drive sort of died.

Long story short- I got a new drive- and the old one miraculously came back to life after a day of angst and turmoil (which included realizing I had left my tripod in California- it’s been a stressful couple weeks!). I finally got the image back and saved it in three places. And a new tripod has been ordered.

And now I wish I had thought to add a dog- or birds! Someday. . .

Just waves . . .

I never get tired of watching the waves as they rise, crash, and are pulled back out to sea.

Wave watching from the Huntington Beach pier. . .

Balboa Abstract

It’s no secret that I love abstracts and photos that may not be exact replicas of the scene I am photographing. I started manipulating photos the first year I got my camera (and not always in a good way . . .), and right now I am obsessed with multiple exposures.  Here is one I took of Balboa Pier- all done in camera with minor editing in Lightroom.


The “in camera” techniques are frustrating for this Photoshop lover- but there is something about the unpredictability of the result that makes it fun!

Beach Yoga

20161014-mma_7230_melinda_andersonObserved practicing a one-legged standing pose (yes, he did have 2 legs)


We have just returned from a quick trip to Southern California to visit our son. We walked on the beach with him at sunset, and I grabbed this quick shot when I saw silhouettes against the orange sky. I think the fellow on the far right might be taking a selfie!



Another beach image for you today! This one was edited with Topaz Simplify (and an added texture) to give it a bit of a painterly look.