I think his name was John. . .

When we visited Yarnell with Joan and Rudy last week, Rudy spent some time talking to and photographing this delightful gentleman outside a local eatery. I snapped a quick shot and went inside, because I was hungry. Rudy ended up with a wonderful portrait, and I got this candid shot.

Selfie Impressions

Well, our next photo club theme is self portrait. Cringe! I’m working on an idea for a composite for the next month’s assignment after that (which, in my case, also involves a selfie), so I took photos for both this week.  Here are a couple versions.

I’m not sure someone my age should really pose next to flowers, but I was trying for an environmental portrait. How do I spend a lot of my time? Shooting flowers, of course! How did I take a photo with my camera if I was holding my camera? I got my broken one out of the closet. . .


I think I might get a negative comment for cutting the top of my head off in the above portrait. I happen to like that look, but I might reshoot it- which would probably mean buying more flowers. Maybe not.

Below is my personal favorite, which involved Topaz Impression and some textures. It is also an environmental portrait, because this is how I spend much of my time.  If I’m not editing photos, I’m researching ancestors.


I may post some other versions in the future- we’ll see. . .

Happy April!

Coffee and Bokeh

Our Christmas tree is down now, but I took this shot with my Velvet 56 on New Year’s Eve day as kind of a last hurrah.  I don’t know what aperture I used, but Lonnie’s hands are pretty glowy!


At the Door

I had my third photo session with my friend, Tra today- this time at her magnificent home. OMG- there was a photo op in every corner of this amazing house. Tra’s home reflects her love of art, beauty, and spirit.  I tried to not put on my paparazzi hat and photograph EVERYTHING, but I did manage get some photos of a few special items and her beautiful orchids (which I will use in future posts).  I love every inch of her home!

This was my favorite shot of the day- Tra looking out the front door at her gorgeous tree shaded front garden.  Don’t even get me started on how much I love her front door!



And I love the message on the plaque beside her door- BIDDEN OR NOT BIDDEN, GOD IS PRESENT.


Practice Makes Perfect

My friend, Tra needs a new headshot for her website, so I agreed to meet her and have a little portrait session.  When I got there, she told me she had changed her mind and just wanted to talk- so that’s what we did.  But, while we were talking I took a few practice photos.  This one is my favorite- I think it gives you a glimpse of her beautiful spirit shining through her eyes.


Tra likes it too- so now we’re going to do another one- for REAL this time!  I’ll keep you posted!

Close-Up Portraiture

In a moment of  bravery, I signed up for a monthly challenge group with Clickin Moms.  The talent, skill, and creativity of the CM photographers inspires, but also intimidates me.  I am stepping waaaaaay outside my comfort zone to participate in this- but that’s how we grow, right?

We have been divided into blog circles of 15 that will be linked up each month for 2013, so if you click on the link in each photographer’s post, you should eventually end up back here!

The theme for this month is close-up portraiture, which I really enjoy- especially with babies.  I was so tempted to post macro shots of Henry when he was a baby, but, since my daughter took most of them (using my camera)- I think that might be cheating! 🙂

So, I called on my friend Barbara’s daughter, the beautiful Victoria! I took photos of her a couple weeks ago and posted some of them here.  Today’s photos are from the same shoot.  I took these photos with my 50mm 1.4 at f/4.5 and f/5 and used bounced flash (speedlight, TTL) to enhance the ambient light.  Both are edited in Lightroom 4 only.

After you look at my photos, head on over to Misty Colvard’s site to see what Misty has done with this month’s challenge!


She is so darn pretty!



I’ve known Victoria since she was born; her mom is my dear friend and first grade teaching partner, Barbara.  Victoria was also one of my first grade students, as was her older sister, Olivia, whom I featured on my blog here and here.  And like her sister, Victoria has always been beautiful- but I wasn’t prepared for the tall, grown-up beauty that rang my doorbell last week.  Look at these photos and note that she is only seventeen- and gorgeous!

11Jan2013-6154-Edit 11Jan2013-6166-Edit 11Jan2013-6225-Edit

I hope Victoria- and Olivia too- will agree to pose for me again soon- it was so much fun!