Selfie Impressions

Well, our next photo club theme is self portrait. Cringe! I’m working on an idea for a composite for the next month’s assignment after that (which, in my case, also involves a selfie), so I took photos for both this week.  Here are a couple versions.

I’m not sure someone my age should really pose next to flowers, but I was trying for an environmental portrait. How do I spend a lot of my time? Shooting flowers, of course! How did I take a photo with my camera if I was holding my camera? I got my broken one out of the closet. . .


I think I might get a negative comment for cutting the top of my head off in the above portrait. I happen to like that look, but I might reshoot it- which would probably mean buying more flowers. Maybe not.

Below is my personal favorite, which involved Topaz Impression and some textures. It is also an environmental portrait, because this is how I spend much of my time.  If I’m not editing photos, I’m researching ancestors.


I may post some other versions in the future- we’ll see. . .

Happy April!

4 thoughts on “Selfie Impressions

  1. I love both these shots. The second one is very contemplative. It’s a great environmental shot. Your eyes twinkle in the first. It is very you!

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