I found this little store across from the beach in Newport very charming. I had an idea of replacing the background with the beach and oceans- and still might someday- but here it is in its (almost) natural surroundings.

I Dreamed My Brother Buried Me Alive

We loved watching this scene next to where we were sitting. The younger brother patiently and quietly allowed his brother to pile sand over and around him- and hardly a word was spoken.  Eventually he did emerge, and off they went to play in the waves.


The morning we left, we took a quick walk on the beach, and I must have taken at least 20 photos of a man and his mother as they came walking toward me. I think he thought I was stalking them, but what I really liked was the composition of the S-curve in the sand (and gull) with the dog walker in the background. A peaceful scene!

Evening Fire

Blast from the past- the sun going down in Alaska.

Rim Shot

The views go on forever!

What can I say?

Yes, it’s an outhouse!

When we were coming back from Payson a couple weeks ago, we stopped at the town of Strawberry to view the oldest standing schoolhouse in Arizona- the Strawberry Schoolhouse. It wasn’t open, but I took photos from the outside and probably took as many photos of the outhouse  as I did of the schoolhouse itself.

I offer no apologies.



The Other Side

Since we couldn’t get down to the bottom of the Tonto Natural Bridge, I took photos looking down at the other side of the bridge.

It’s hard to see at first how massive it is- until you notice the trees growing at the top!


Lonnie and I took a short trip over to Payson for two nights. We had never been in the area east of the Verde Valley and wanted to explore a bit (and I wanted some photo ops!). Our first visit was to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park to view the 183 foot tall travertine arch (believed to be the highest in the world).  After reading that the hike down to the bottom of the arch was strenuous and on slippery, unstable ground, we decided to save our knees and look at things from a higher vantage point- on level ground.

The arch is magnificent- I wish I could post photos from the bottom looking up instead of the top looking down! Here are two shots (basically the same except for the orientation) from one of the viewpoints at the top. That white stuff is water dripping down.




Into the Mystic

Another digital art/alternative landscape/multiple exposure piece from Alaska.



I’m kind of at the point where I don’t know what to call my work anymore. Is it digital art- but it’s all photography? Is it multiple exposure- but it’s done in photoshop? Whatever it is, I enjoy doing it!


While reviewing some of my Alaska photos, I found so many shots that never made the blog- like this sunset view.


Red Cliff Echoes

arc20141020-dsc_5986_melinda_anderson-edit-editI woke up way too early this morning and got up to have a play with some images from our Utah trip back in 2014. Last weekend I had been re-editing some Moab shots for class and to possibly use in an upcoming show- so these red cliffs have been in my subconscious waiting to be turned into some photo art just for fun. I have been playing recently with some phone apps (Fragment and Tiny Planets), which take chunks of your photos and re-arrange them, and wanted to see if I could do something similar in Photoshop in a more controlled way. Fun!

Alaska Abstract

Icy Eklutna Lake with some intentional camera movement:


Eklutna Lake- Two Ways


Our son-in-law took us for a drive over to Eklutna Lake, which was not yet completely frozen. The icy shoreline proved irresistible to kids and dog who immediately were running and sliding and having a great time.

I realized I haven’t posted as many black and whites as usual- and I do love black and white. So I converted today’s image into a monochrome, although I think I like it better in color.



Alaska Sunshine

This photo was taken as direct morning sunshine backlit this little orange leaf on the deck railing.


White Rooftops


An ICM photo taken from our daughter’s deck in Alaska