Beach Blur

Intentional camera movement (moving and/or wiggling the camera while taking a photo) created this photo which I took from Photoshop into Topaz Studio to add a painterly layer at low opacity.

Three Buoys

With the birth of Baby Caleb and now our vacation with our daughter’s family, I have had no time for blogging. Here is a photo from our 2016 visit to San Francisco.

BTW, the blog title is a play on words- see if you can figure it out!

Surfer 2

I think these will be my last surfing photos- but no promises!


These shots are from the second day of shooting- and I didn’t have a good spot on the pier. So no closeups- both of these are cropped.

Looking on . . .

I was going through shots from last year’s surfing competition at Huntington Beach and found more blogworthy photos. Here’s a view of the crowd. Notice the photographer wading in the surf with her big lens! How fun that would have been (I was on a pier without my big lens).

By the Door

While in Southern California a couple weeks ago, we went with our son and his wife to visit the Nixon Presidential Library. I loved it- and I am a Democrat. I had never been to a presidential library before and was very impressed by the quality of the displays and how balanced was the portrayal of this controversial president. I grew up in a Republican family in a time when we (well, most of us) still trusted the government and believed that things were only going to get better and better. I remember how devastated my parents, particularly my mother, were by the events of Watergate. At the time of Nixon’s resignation I was hugely pregnant with our first child and had been glued to the television during the hearings. It was fascinating to see the artifacts of Nixon’s childhood and presidency- AND the Watergate scandal.

The photo taken above is outside Nixon’s childhood home; it was closed while we were there because of a wedding.



The Ubiquitous Palm

It’s hard to find a spot without palm trees in Southern California. Even this somewhat minimalist shot includes the ubiquitous palm.

Going Down

Here’s another view of Newport Beach at sunset.


Hanging around after the sun went down before heading back to the hotel . . .

Another Winter Shore

We drove to Southern California at the end of last week to visit our son and his wife for the last time before their much anticipated baby boy is born- and went a day early so we could see the ocean again.  We walked in the late afternoon and early morning and so enjoyed being on the almost deserted beach!

Still More Glaciers

A view from the top- Alyeska ski resort

Just a Glacier

In Alaska, it seems there are glaciers just about everywhere you look. Here’s another one (at midday- yikes!):


I haven’t been doing much shooting lately- so thank goodness there are dozens of unprocessed photos to go through. Here’s a photo from last summer of the Matanuska River in Alaska.

Ocean to Ocean

This is a view of the Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge from the park where yesterday’s photo was taken. As I took this, I counted the garbage cans I would have to clone out for my photo group- and groaned. I only took out the one that was right in the middle of the sand and left the others. This photo will not be taken to class!

Besides garbage cans, you can also see park visitors, Castle Dome, and birds flying overhead.

Castle Dome from Afar

Here’s a view of Castle Dome from under the bridge spanning the Colorado River crossing.