Our cabin at Between Beaches was about ten miles from Seldovia, so we took the local taxi over there to have lunch on the boardwalk. The taxi driver let us out by the bridge so I could photograph the iconic houses on stilts. I was disappointed to see no water- the tide was out. But when we returned after our lunch, the tide was coming back in, so I was able to take a few shots.

Golden Path

Golden Path

The highlight of each day of our stay in the Alaska cabin was sunset. The days were long, but around 11 pm, the sun would start its descent. We sat outside watching the gulls and eagles making their last fishing forays- such a peaceful way to end the day.

Photography note- The sky was not this dark (it’s Alaska in the summer!). I chose to underexpose in order to keep the shape of the sun- an artistic choice.

Still Waters

Still Waters

We were only at our cabin on the MacDonald Spit for two nights, but I photographed this particular boat on more than one occasion as it floated on the still, dark waters of Kasitsna Bay. I think I was drawn not only to the boat itself but to its reflection. What a beautiful place!

Mirrored Flight

Mirrored Flight

This was taken during our stay at Between Beaches on the MacDonald Spit on Kachemak Bay in Alaska. We had beaches in front of and behind our cabin- Kachemak Bay in front, Kasitsna Bay behind. Watching the gulls fly low over the dark waters of Kasitsna Bay in the mornings and evenings gave me a perfect opportunity to practice intentional camera movement techniques to create impressionistic images.

I was happy to hear at my camera club’s online meeting last night that this image won second place in this month’s Open Subject competition. It’s always nice to hear when other people like your art.

Lupine in the Rain

When we were driving in Homer, I noticed lupines growing all along the bike path where the old wooden boats were displayed. I remember seeing them when I was photographing the wonderful boats several years ago, but it seemed like there were even more now in 2021- just a sea of violet blue! I kept saying we needed to stop so I could take some photos.

The evening before we left Homer, we parked across from where the bike path started and hustled across the street to take photos. It was raining, but well, it’s Alaska! I made quite a few shots, including some with intentional blur. This image is a composite of two images, identical except that one was blurred (intentional camera movement).


Vacation photos from Alaska aren’t complete without an eagle photo! They were everywhere- especially where we stayed on a beach on Kachemak Bay. This photo was taken on one of our excursions to Gull Island.


Another Alaska photo- from the Anchorage Botanical Garden- a Turk’s Cap Lily, the sign said. We had so much fun wandering around with the boys. We had been there before- last time we saw a bear!- but it was great to go back. Their plants and displays are beautiful and so different from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. I’ll post more in the future- all taken with my Lensbaby.

Gull Island

One of the highlights of our Alaska trip was a two hour boat trip to Gull Island in Kachemak Bay. We enjoyed it so much that we actually returned the next day!

Gull Island is the breeding ground for several types of sea birds who return every year to make (and reuse) their nests and lay their eggs. There seemed to be many more kittiwakes (the white gulls) than the other species, and you can see them flying around and dotting the cliff in their nests. There were also many common murres and some puffins. A few eagles were sitting on the tops of the cliffs. Otters played in the waters below.


We returned yesterday from Alaska- arriving at 6:15am in Phoenix after a smooth but excruciating overnight flight from Anchorage. It was a smooth flight with the potential for a good night’s sleep in the darkened cabin, BUT. . . the lady behind us had brought her CAT which yowled continually the entire time! Sleep was beyond reach for me- I watched a movie and tried to calm my frazzled nerves by playing a meditation album on my iPhone and taking photos out the window. Lonnie actually managed to sleep for a few hours.

None of the above diminished the joy I felt from our wonderful reunion with our daughter and family and our 50th anniversary vacation within a vacation! It was perfect!

I’m posting an iconic Alaska photo first, because previously I had managed to travel to Alaska at least 5 times without capturing a moose image! It was raining lightly as we drove along the Seward highway as we were leaving Anchorage. We spotted a small group of moose, pulled over, and managed to get a shot of this young moose before he turned back to resume eating. The others had already disappeared into the brush. I love the look in his eye as he spotted us!