Life Underground

Some of the Alaska native peoples built smokehouses and dwellings underground like these, seen at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage (I believe they were Yupik).

Cold Sail

Spotted on Glacier Bay while on our 26 Glacier Cruise

Red Sun

No, the skies weren’t really this dark. But the sun was a vivid red due to smoky skies.


The Sinking Sun

Eagle River, Alaska

Land of the Midnight Sun

Our visit to Alaska this year took place during the longest days of summer. I was fascinated by the constant sun which glowed bright red with the smoky haze in the air- which I found challenging to capture with my camera. The photo below was taken about 11:15pm from a viewpoint in Eagle River. The sky was actually lighter than it appears here- and the sun was much redder (notice the reflection in the water!). I will be posting more of my sun images in the near future.


We have just returned from a visit to our daughter’s family in Alaska. While the best part of the trip was family time with our dear ones, the best family ACTIVITY was hands-down the 26 glacier cruise on Prince William Sound. We had a few doubts, because the sky has been hazy and smoky due to the ongoing Kenai fire- but despite that, it was a glorious day!

And what are those specks in the foreground, you ask? Sea otters!  We saw dozens- and I grew so used to them, I didn’t even realize they were in this shot at first!

A Day at the Beach

Crystal Cove

Beach Bareness

I never get tired of photographing an uncluttered beach. This was taken at Crystal Cove, which was soon to be packed with people.

Hanging Around Alleys

I so enjoyed exploring this Petaluma alley-  and I think the reason I took this shot was to document the amount of water in California currently- after so much drought.  Look at the ferns growing out of the wall by the drainpipe!

Beach Grass 2

Grass, flowers, and ice plant at the entrance to Doran beach

Beach Grass

We took a very quick drive over to Bodega Bay while in California and stopped at Doran Beach, where the beach grass caught my eye.

Alley Adventure

Last week I accompanied my husband on a business trip to the Bay Area (California). We took time to stay in two of the towns where we used to live and were able to visit with many of our close friends and my teaching colleagues. It was a last minute decision to go, and it was so wonderful to be able to see so many friends on short notice.

I did not do much photography while there (no time!), but when we arrived in Petaluma, our first stop, we took a short walk in the RAIN before meeting dear friends for dinner. I only had my iPhone, but had a great time photographing this alley.


Cool Morning, Hot Air

Another early morning shot in Albuquerque


Country Store Window

taken at the lavender farm in Albuquerque


I’ve discovered that having an orthopedist a couple hours away in Flagstaff seems inconvenient, but it has turned out to be a great opportunity for exploring the area with my camera. Wupatki National Monument is only about a half hour from Flagstaff and is an easy way to see pueblos without having to hike miles in the desert. This one is the Wupatki Pueblo itself, but we were also able to drive to several others within the area. It was a great way to spend part of an afternoon!

Far in the distance you can see a bit of the Painted Desert!