Night Flight

They’re gone.

We’ve had a wonderfully busy couple weeks- Christmas with our Alaska family, then a last minute snowy New Year’s visit by our son’s family so the cousins could meet again, and finally a stay in Scottsdale before the midnight flight back to Alaska. And I hardly took any photos! But we have lots of great memories!

A few favorite moments:

  • Having the boys here for Christmas morning for the first time
  • Watching Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Justin interact with the baby- they are such pros!
  • Watching Baby Caleb “crawl” around the living room.
  • The SNOW- we got at least six inches on New Year’s Eve day. And our daughter-in-law hates cold weather (she was a trooper)!
  • Dinner with the whole family together!
  • The moment Henry arrived and walked to the refrigerator and exclaimed, “Whaaaat? There are too many photos of Baby Caleb on here! Are there more than me? ” The baby of our family is no longer the baby!
  • Watching Miles sit for well over an hour reading the entire family history binder on his own, shutting it, and declaring “This is the second most boring book I’ve ever read!” – but, a few days later, seeing an ad for Taylor Swift on TV and announcing- we have Swifts in our family! And I was able to tell him that she is his cousin!
  • Swimming (all day!) in the pool in with the boys on the coldest day Scottsdale has experienced in 5 years

The house seems so empty. It’s back to to-do lists and adjusting to the reality that it is 2019.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Night Flight

  1. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful details.
    The photo made me cry. The sweet hellos are always followed by the heartbreaking good byes. So glad you all had such a great time together!

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