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Shining Through

FYI- looking at bay water shining through a grate in Homer, Alaska

I Dream of Flying

Another feather macro-

Golden Morning

I guess it does pay to get up early, even though you’re retired. It’s a rare day that I don’t wake up before the sun comes up; however actually getting dressed and out of the house is more challenging. The golden light backlighting the flowers after sunrise caused me to dash outside with the camera- it seems like Spring is here at last!


Coffee and Bokeh

Our Christmas tree is down now, but I took this shot with my Velvet 56 on New Year’s Eve day as kind of a last hurrah.  I don’t know what aperture I used, but Lonnie’s hands are pretty glowy!


Frozen Sunshine


We were out on a drive looking at majestic mountains and beautiful expansive views, and I was down on my knees in the snow, shooting icy weeds and wishing I had my macro lens.  No, that’s not a bokeh texture- that is sparkly snow!


Flowers in Fall



Yesterday’s snow had disappeared before lunchtime- so I’m glad I made it outside with my macro lens before it all melted away.  Our shrubs and trees looked like they were decorated with little jewels as the melting bits of snow glistened in the sunlight.