Adventures in Compositing

The topic for this month’s photo club is an interesting one: each member randomly drew a piece of paper which had a section of a map of Prescott and the surrounding area on it. Our photo had to be taken within our section of the map. I believe the word creative was used in the description. Gah!

Lonnie and I drove out to my area, and he immediately spied an old windmill, which stands in someone’s yard. Perfect! It was midday with no clouds and 95 degrees, so we planned to go back.  The following week, we drove out there again about 9 a.m., and I had a nice chat with the owner of the property. The windmill was there before the land was developed and was evidently part of the original ranch. It still works, although he doesn’t have it going right now.

I had this brilliant (hah!) idea of taking photos of the windmill, a poppy, a street sign and Granite Mountain (visible from the street) and then creating a composite that would be very artsy.  I need practice in making composites- both the technical side and the creative side. I never did get all the elements into the photo- maybe someday. And neither of the two composites look at all like I envisioned. I will probably use a plain windmill shot for the photo club.

Here is my first effort. Later in the week, I’ll post my second try.




Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain is the stark backdrop to the northwest area of Prescott and one of my favorite views.  On Labor Day, my husband and I decided to take a short hike on the trail leading over to the mountain.  As we walked along, we saw bikes and horses as well as hikers; it’s a popular area.  After walking for a half hour (and continually stopping for me to take photos), we could see the mountain getting closer, but we were not yet near the base.  It was time to turn around- we definitely plan to come back on another day.

Granite Mountain:


Gates near the beginning of the trail: