Mammoth Mornings

It’s been over a month since we left Yellowstone, but I still am going through my photos. Here is a shot of the chapel with an elk grazing outside.


And below is a very early and very cold morning view of the Yellowstone Justice Center. Can you spot the elk in this photo? ūüôā


Mammoth Morning

When I’m staying with my daughter’s family at Yellowstone in the winter, I never get tired of going out on the porch in the early morning to check the view- the snow, the sky, and any wildlife that might be there.


Painterly effects added in Topaz Impression, textures in Photoshop

Yet another. . .

Happy Friday! Can you stand to look at yet another photo from the upper terraces at Mammoth? I hope so, because this is one of my favorite photos from the trip! I just love the combination of hot and cold, snow and steam- and the life that manages to survive in that landscape.


Fence Fantasy

Here’s a glimpse of part of the fence¬†on the board walk at the Upper Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park. ¬†I was fascinated by the frozen steam and fog (rime ice) that clung to the railings, as well as to the trees in this magical place.

20151128-MMA_6359_melinda_andersonI had fun in Texture Effects adding a bit of color and texture (Flat Neon preset- majorly edited) to the background.


After I took the image back into Lightroom, I couldn’t leave well-enough alone- so I played with¬†color to emphasize how icy and cold it was.

20151128-MMA_6362_melinda_anderson-Edit-2My idea of fun on a Friday!


It was 5 below as we walked along the board walk in the Upper Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. ¬†Although I’d been here before, this was my first visit to the terraces in the snow. ¬†The sun shining through the icy trees and steamy mist gave the scene an ever-changing¬†magical appearance; these photos can only hint at the exquisite beauty we witnessed.



The Visitor

20150915-MMA_2743_melinda_anderson-EditI’m used to being surrounded by elk at my daughter’s house here in Yellowstone, but yesterday we had a special visitor! It was pouring rain, but I managed to take this photo through the latticework on the back porch. Yes, he saw me, but I was very far away and using a zoom lens.¬† I chose to edit this photo in black and white, because a bison just doesn’t look right on a bright green lawn!