Still There

Since our daughter’s family moved to Alaska two years ago, they’ve really learned their way around!  Caitlin drove us up to Hatcher’s Pass one day to see the what remains of Alaska’s Independence Gold Mine (now a state park). There was a beautiful view and wonderful old buildings.  I realized when we were there that this is the third old mine we’ve toured in the last year- and it was definitely the best!

Into the Mystic

Another digital art/alternative landscape/multiple exposure piece from Alaska.



I’m kind of at the point where I don’t know what to call my work anymore. Is it digital art- but it’s all photography? Is it multiple exposure- but it’s done in photoshop? Whatever it is, I enjoy doing it!

Alternative Landscapes

Editing photos for creative expression, relaxation, and just plain fun is an essential part of my photography life.  I don’t paint or do crafts- so I create with the camera and the computer. I respect and enjoy traditional photography, but I sometimes like to tiptoe a bit onto the photography wild side.

Yesterday I revisited some of last summer’s photos from Alaska. At the time, I was fascinated with the stark shapes of the rocks and peaks jutting out of the sea, but I was disappointed in many of the resulting shots when edited traditionally. But I had so much fun creating the “alternative landscapes” below.

20160804-mma_4079_melinda_anderson-edit 20160804-mma_4101_melinda_anderson-edit

Cabin Fever

My husband and I began to develop a bit of cabin fever over the weekend, as the weather had kept us inside for most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. By Sunday we were ready for an outing and decided to drive over to Lynx Lake.  The road was plowed and we were able to have a nice view of the lake before the snow began. The rest of the day wasn’t snowy, at least where we live, but we are expecting more today.


Through the Gap

My daughter’s home in Alaska is surrounded by trees and mountains, and the winter sun is too low on the horizon to shine directly on their house.  But for about an hour a day it sits in a gap between peaks, its intense light turning everything golden before hiding again behind the mountains.


Not tired of it yet. . .

I have photographed this view of the San Francisco Peaks many times- and recently have used both intentional camera movement and multiple exposure for a different look. But really- it is the skies that make the difference.

This shot is of last Friday’s sunrise and is a multiple exposure. It looks like a woven blanket to me.


And here is a more “traditional” photo taken at the same time- not that much different, except for the colors of the mountains. I love how the sun is hitting the snow at the top.


Sometimes you don’t have to wander far from home to find photo subjects.

Alaska Drive-by


20161126-mma_0295_melinda_anderson-editThere is so much beautiful scenery in Alaska, and you can’t stop for every view- so you sometimes have to just keep clicking your shutter as you go down the freeway. In fact, my shutter jammed as I kept firing it in burst mode as we drove along (it did recover, thank goodness). I don’t know exactly where this was taken- somewhere between Palmer and Wasilla, I think.

Backroad WIldflowers

My wonderful son-in-law drove me and my sweet and very patient family through a section of Yellowstone to see some beautiful country- and mostly so I could take some photographs. Although it was midday and therefore not the best light, the sky full of white puffy clouds made a beautiful backdrop- and there were wildflowers everywhere!

These were all taken on Blacktail Road. The Gallatins were behind us; the predominant mountain is Electric Peak.

20150628-MMA_8897_melinda_anderson-Edit-Edit 20150628-MMA_8936_melinda_anderson20150628-MMA_8984_melinda_anderson20150628-MMA_8966_melinda_anderson-Edit-Edit