Still There

Since our daughter’s family moved to Alaska two years ago, they’ve really learned their way around!  Caitlin drove us up to Hatcher’s Pass one day to see the what remains of Alaska’s Independence Gold Mine (now a state park). There was a beautiful view and wonderful old buildings.  I realized when we were there that this is the third old mine we’ve toured in the last year- and it was definitely the best!

4 responses

  1. Susan

    I was just thinking how God works in amazing ways. Your new found love of photography, and family living in a very photogenic place!!!!

    August 22, 2018 at 5:22 am

  2. joan castelli

    Just looks so interesting to explore.

    August 22, 2018 at 7:46 am

  3. So beautiful and peaceful! In its heyday it was probably much different. Have you ever been to Body? Lots of photographic opportunities there!

    August 22, 2018 at 9:15 am

  4. Georgiadebaeke

    Amazing eye Melinda! Love this ❤️

    August 26, 2018 at 12:52 pm

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