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The Porch

I’ve always loved front porches. We had a good sized one in the house I grew up in, but we never sat on it.  I finally have a front porch in our current house (just a slab, but it does the trick), where we sit and watch lightning storms and … sometimes … snowflakes!

This front porch caught my eye when we were picnicking at a Sonoma County winery with our friends, Georgia and Jerry in August.  I loved the blue bench as background for the yellow flowers- and then there was just something about the watering can by the screen door!  I played with these images a bit using Topaz Simplify and some textures.

20150805-MMA_1523_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150805-MMA_1534_melinda_anderson-Edit

Bird Calls

Our very sweet and un-self conscious Henry loves to watch the bluebirds flying in and out of the birdhouse. When the birds tweet, he tweets back. It is difficult to keep a straight face while this is going on, and it is highly entertaining (at least for the humans- not so sure about the birds)!

Here is Henry enjoying watching the birds.


And here is his tweeting face!


20150625-MMA_8090_melinda_anderson-EditOverwhelming cuteness!