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At My Feet

Thinking back to our beach walks in February- I spotted this little still life at my feet one day.

A Change-up

I’m changing things up a bit today. The pumpkins have been put aside temporarily, because I shot some seashell macros the other day and am beginning to wonder when I’m ever going to get them posted.

20150904-MMA_2465_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150904-MMA_2472_melinda_anderson-Edit 20150904-MMA_2482_melinda_anderson-Edit-Edit 20150904-MMA_2502_melinda_anderson-EditNext week- more pumpkins! Stay tuned!

Stacked Up

While in La Jolla, we stayed at a tiny little rental cottage with cute things all around. I was inspired by all the great props to create a still life one morning; I hoped to get a few more done as well, but the beach was calling.

stacked-EditThis diptych was created in response to the “Stacked Up” prompt for The Studio Online.