Day 89- Off to College

Henry and Miles went to college today!  Miles was very excited about it and wore his Thomas the Train backpack for the occasion.

Our friend, Nevin, teaches Child Development at Santa Rosa Community College, so Henry was invited to be the subject of an infant observation.  The students wrote down what they noticed about his behaviors, while Nevin pointed out signs of his stage of development. It was a lot of fun for both boys- especially because there were presents involved!

4 thoughts on “Day 89- Off to College

  1. Wow! I knew Miles was precocious but this! What a nice photo. The composition is fantastic; it draws the viewer right in, like we’re following along. The window and potted plant add interest but don’t detract from the subject. I really like this.

  2. Wonderful photos! Melinda, I am so impressed. You are an absolutely amazing photographer! Is there anything you can’t do??? Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful grandsons in a week!

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