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Out of work

It was the light on the weeds that attracted me to this scene- and the contrast with the sign indicating someone was working there . . . sometime.

Vulture Mine

Always the Windows

Like most photographers, I can’t pass by an old window, without taking its photo.

At Vulture Mine

Don’t ask . . .

I’m not sure exactly what this is, but I found the shapes and textures appealing when I visited Vulture Mine.

Snowy Stillness

Another image from that snowy day at Watson Lake

Cold Reflections

Snowy rocks and their reflections at Willow Lake a couple weeks ago during the last snowstorm:

Surfer 2

I think these will be my last surfing photos- but no promises!


These shots are from the second day of shooting- and I didn’t have a good spot on the pier. So no closeups- both of these are cropped.

Blue Meditation

A peaceful scene from Lynx Lake

Winter Shore

Looking across Watson Lake at the snowy shoreline:

Don’t Fence Me Out

Looking at Willow Lake in winter


Shades of Gold- and white and blue

Saturday morning’s wintry mix (did the Weather Channel invent that term???) gave way to overcast skies, which finally dumped a layer of snow Saturday evening. Of course I took a few photos on the way to the grocery store on Sunday morning!

Willow Lake

Women’s Rights= Human Rights

Scenes from the Women’s March in Prescott yesterday

Snow at Watson Lake

No, we haven’t had more snow (although it is predicted on Saturday), but here is another view from the same vantage point as my last post, just turning my camera to the left a bit.

Pretty White Stuff

We had snow Tuesday night which gave us maybe an inch yesterday morning. I was out with my camera as soon as I got up, because I knew it wouldn’t last- and it didn’t. Here’s a view of the path leading from Watson Lake to Watson Woods, a pretty scene.



A peaceful scene at Lynx Lake yesterday. . .