Day 7- (mis)adventures with water drops. . .

Ever since I got my external flash, I have been wanting to try macro water drops again.  The tutorials I have seen have demonstrated how the flash “freezes” the image, thus giving the photo better focus.

There must be more to it than that.

I used water coming from the faucet for awhile, with the speedlight off to the side, triggered by the camera.

Not perfect focus here- although I like the image (mostly because of the bokeh. . .).

I then focused on the ripples created by the drops, because the theme today is ripples.  I was surprised to see this heart shaped ripple!

I did a little post-processing to give it a bluish tint.

BTW, all the images were at f/4, 1/125- which I think is the problem.  I should have used my maximum flash sync speed (1/250) and maybe a smaller aperture- but live and learn!

All of these images were taken in preparation for the big set-up on the kitchen table, involving two crates with a yardstick suspended over them and a water bottle balanced on the yardstick (dripping water into a pie plate).  You have probably seen the tutorials.  I got it all set up and then was terrified it would come crashing down, soaking the camera and speedlight. I put the speedlight back on the camera, figuring I could jump back with the camera if things went south.

I couldn’t get the timing right.  I would click the shutter at the wrong time- or it took longer because of the flash- I don’t really know.  At the end, I took the flash off the camera and took a few shots in burst mode- and called it a day.

Here is one of the last series- with no flash.

The whole experience was FUN! I like some of the photos, even though they are technically no better than my previous water drop images. So, I will read more, practice more with my flash- and try again one day during this year of Project 365 plus 1!


3 thoughts on “Day 7- (mis)adventures with water drops. . .

  1. Your water drop shots are great. And why is it that the tutorials always make is seem easier than it really is?? Great to read you are still having fun learning and experimenting.

    As far as film noir ~ I found it to be the most difficult prompt so far. I played around a bit last evening but wasn’t thrilled with the out come. And although I told myself, this year I wasn’t posting anything I wasn’t completely happy with, I posted anyway. B and I even tried a few different poses with different types of light but again no web worthy shots. I did enjoy trying and will do so again in the future. In the meantime, it off to find some ripples!

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