Day 292- Rule of Thirds

Probably the most basic rule of composition in photography is the rule of thirds (imagine your photo divided into a 3X3 grid- objects should line up to one of those lines and/or intersections).  I consciously and unconsciously use this rule when framing and/or cropping my photos, so I thought this challenge would be an easy one for me.  Hmmmm- not so.

Our deck has just been stained, and I wanted to capture its new look.  Of course it is already littered with leaves, which make a natural subject for my macro lens. This photo was so hard for me to frame using the rule of thirds- maybe one of the other rules of composition (triangle, golden ratio, golden spiral?) applies…


Here is a more easy to see example of the rule of thirds.

4 thoughts on “Day 292- Rule of Thirds

  1. Wow! These area both fabulous. I especially love the single little berry on the deck. The leaf seems very golden spirally, too. Great shots and nice touch with the very shallow depth of field.

  2. These are all great. I really need to take the time to work at photography. I have been a slacker with it lately and it shows. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I have not kept up with visiting blogs lately either…life is so busy.

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