Beyond Beyond, Day 33- An Earthy Still

There haven’t been any Beyond Beyond posts from me in awhile- not just because I am behind (I am), but because Kim Klassen’s husband has been seriously ill for awhile. Thankfully, he is on the upswing now, and Kim has been able to resume her Beyond Beyond challenges and tutorials (as well as put out a new set of textures- The Waterfront Collection!).  She gave us a sample texture from her collection to use in our images, as well as a preset, which is dark and earthy and desaturated.

I chose to photograph my mini-pumpkins which I have continued to display after Halloween (along with some gourds). It’s fall! I followed Kim’s instructions exactly (for once!), because I really like the tones and the desaturated effect. Both images use her preset, but only the first has the texture.  Unfortunately my photo is so dark that the texture is hard to see. I did use her sharpening technique in the first one also- and you can REALLY see that!



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