One of the recent lessons in BeStill 52 was to create an unstaged (or at least a seemingly unstaged) still life.  I’ve been busy- or at least preoccupied- but finally made some time earlier this week to get it DONE.

Of course, the first step was to get caffeinated, and, as the coffee started coming out of the Keurig, I grabbed my camera and took a few unstaged shots.  Encouraged by how easy this was, I added a nectarine and a knife and finished the shoot in less than 10 minutes.  If I had known how fast I could get it finished, I would have done it sooner!

Inspired by my photo friend, Barbara, I edited each photo with a different preset and am calling it DONE!

messy_layoutPresets used (all by Kim Klassen):

Left- truegrit

Right- oldendays and lettherebelight (one of my all-time favorites)

One response

  1. Ok, I think you need more coffee because I think this is neat or at least this is very neat at my house. I look around at my house this morning and I see a lot of mess. A lot of mess I wouldn’t want to take pictures of mind up but a lot of mess. I think at least you should have cut open that peach to see some juice and mess from the juice on the knife and on the cutting board, 🙂 Do I have to come up and show you MESS as a Friend? Kidding aside, I love this Melinda, I love seeing what the different presets do and especially like the True Grit.

    August 14, 2014 at 6:31 am

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