Off the Wall, In a Grid, Out of Focus

I’ve been having fun playing with my photography this week, because I’m taking Kim Manley-Ort’s abstract photography class. We’ve been given the task of looking at the work of a list of abstract photographers this week and thinking about who inspires us. Today’s photos don’t really fulfill that assignment, as I’m still absorbing what I’ve looked at and thinking about what I’ve already been doing.  I know I love black and white and minimalist photography (abstract or not), fluid and out of focus images (Lensbaby, ICM), and light and shadow play.  I love taking detail shots, which may or may not be abstracts.  Basically, I really like to play with my camera! And, yes, with the editing too!

Here are two sets of abstract shots, which I ended up placing in grids after some color play. No, this was not the assignment!

Tire tread marks:

20141109-color_abstract2_melinda_andersonGlass patio table:

20141109-color_abstract_melinda_andersonAnd then, here’s another attempt at intentional camera movement:






3 thoughts on “Off the Wall, In a Grid, Out of Focus

  1. We are really on the same page in regards to what we like to do with Photography, you hit everything I like. Love these even though you say you didn’t fit the assignment because I really love abstract. I remember when Sherry took this class and thought I would have like to do it. If I was so busy with classes right now I would have taken this. Love the glass table I have one also on my patio and take quite a few shots on that table because I like the background. I love ICM and you can even do it with the iPhone which is cool but it is sometimes hit or miss but fun to try. Love this post Melinda.

  2. I took this class earlier this year and really enjoyed it too, especially learning about ICM. I love your tire tread photos, especially the mauve/purple toned one. I would never guessed it was tire tread. Glass is always so fun to make into abstract. These are really wonderful works Melinda. I will be excited to see what other photos you make in the class. Enjoy!!

  3. Great job. I love all of these. Wonderful textures and very appealing. I think your “attempt” at ICM was spot on. It’s my favorite in this collection.

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