Just Hangin’ Around

The latest Be Still-52 assignment was hanging bottles. Whaaat?  In Kim Klassen’s beautiful vintage home, she hung a bottle with a rose in it from a hook on a door- and it looked perfectly natural- and beautiful. I was running around, hanging my little medicine bottle everywhere- and ended up with a serious case of the giggles. Needless to say, this one did not come naturally to me.  I, perhaps, should have interpreted the challenge more loosely and come up with something more “me”, but, oh well,  I did have some fun with it.


I wonder what the neighbors thought of me hanging this bottle in a tree?

20150110-DSC_0872_melinda_anderson-EditIn case you are wondering, the first image was shot with the Lensbaby Edge 80; the one outside was with my 35mm lens.

4 thoughts on “Just Hangin’ Around

  1. Awww,love these so much Melinda, I think you did take the challenge to be you, because that is what I see in these. Love the processing and of course I always appreciate the dark side of photography in images. Leaning toward that type of photography more and more. Love the Lensbaby shots so much, I mean really you have really taken to your Lensbabies. Aren’t they just the sweetest lens around?

  2. Well, I got the giggles thinking about you running around giggling hysterically while hanging a bottle in weird places. Seriously, though, I think you did a great job. Both images are really wonderful. The top grouping is beautiful, kind of mysterious. The outdoor shot is really quite lovely. My only suggestion for that shot is to see what it would look like showing a bit more negative space to really show that it is a bottle hanging in a tree. Just a thought.

  3. These are really wonderful. The image outside is my favorite, I love the dof. I still haven’t finished this assignment because I can’t figure out where to shoot it. 🙂

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