Chicken Soup for the Dark and Messy Soul

Today is a sunny, warm-ish day here in Arizona- and I can see a butterfly out the window. A BUTTERFLY- in WINTER!  I’m thinking life is on the upswing.

Last night, I was part of Open Studio- a live connect on the computer with the Kim Klassen group.  It was fun- and one of the things that came up was how still life trends are changing, and the hottest trend seems to be dark and messy, especially food photography.  I noticed that a few years ago, when I started reading the Smitten Kitchen blog.  I loved the crumpled napkins by the plates.  Real life.  But, since I don’t really do food photography, I haven’t embraced this style.

Our family’s real life has had some dark and messy in the last few weeks.  My husband, Lonnie had a heart attack a couple weeks ago.  He had his third stent put in two days ago, and has a good prognosis with some lifestyle changes to be made.  There’s nothing like real life medical drama to make you appreciate the ordinary moments we often take for granted.  There have been two tense trips to the ER since the initial hospitalization, the latest being LAST NIGHT (he’s fine); we are so looking forward to putting this all behind us.

So what do you do for your husband when he is recovering from a heart attack? You make chicken soup! As I said, I’m not a food photographer- and I’m hardly a cook.  But since today was going to be a still life photography day for me (flower photography), I switched gears and snapped a few photos as I prepared the soup.  This is real life here- no cute props or special lighting here. Just my kitchen and my un-gourmet cooking. The soup is still simmering as I write this, so I’m not including the finished product.

chickensoup1 chickensoup2I poached the chicken first to use in other meals this weekend (a tip I learned from my daughter), chopped veggies, and now it’s cooking.  No recipe-just threw in whatever.

I edited the photos kind of dark- and they are definitely messy- no presets used.

We’re both tired from last night’s ER visit, but, as I said- it’s a new day and there is a butterfly outside.  Life is good.

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9 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Dark and Messy Soul

  1. Your photos look great and the soup will be great, too, I know. My soup-making consists mostly of throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that. I’m like you. Although I like to see photos of food, I don’t really like taking photos of food. For one thing, I don’t particularly enjoy cooking so why prolong it by stopping to take photos? And I agree about the messiness. It may work for food photo stylists, but not for me. I think I’m just TOO messy when I cook! 😀

  2. OH MY GOD ! enough with the emergency rooms……but glad all is ok ! It always seems to pour sometimes. Johns family had two deaths in the month of January. We said enough of that tooooo. Anyway , your soup looks great and I think I can smell it from here. We just got 1/2 inch of rain yeah ! and more to come tomorrow and Sunday. The wind was up to 20mph and that to has calmed down. I hope you getting some rest. I remember from Johns surgeries that I had to stop and do some me time even if was just going to the store for groceries. When did your kids leave ? take a deep breath and keep going…. Claudia

  3. You are very flexible Melinda…going with the flow of the day, putting aside flower photography for what you felt you needed to do. And I LOVE these photos. They look so homey, and comforting! The pot with steam on the lid – love it!!! Honestly, I don’t care to photograph food either unless all the mess is cleared up, and I can shoot it “pretty”. Besides, picking up a pricey camera with “dirty” hands doesn’t set well with me, which I would wipe my hands, but I still feel like I’m getting the camera dirty. I am happy to hear your husband is doing better today. Those trips to the ER and no fun, at all! Be gentle with yourself, and hubby, and in time you’ll be back to normal. I’m so happy you were able to join in last night in the Open Studio! Have a wonderful weekend!! xx

  4. Wasn’t the Open Studio fun! I learned a lot and had quite a few giggles, what with the chocolate preset, and Ben, and Kim seemed so giddy 🙂 I am so relieved to hear that all is going well with your husband and I hope that he continues on that road. I think I can smell your delicious soup!

  5. Oh my, do I need to come up there and cook for you two and then we can photograph together? Thanks for all the updates this week, hopefully things will settle down a bit now. I know what you all are going through and it is scary and not fun by any means. I like that you are keeping up with creative things as I am sure that helps a lot. Take care.

  6. Oh goodness, all that talk and I didn’t mention how much I love these images, maybe you need to come down and take care of my memory? I love the dark side and you are good with food photography, these could be in any magazine or cookbook.

  7. Please give my best to Lon. I’ve worked for Jon Takata for 10 years at Restoration Management Company in the Bay Area and met Lon prior to joining RMC when I was president of the East Bay Claims Association. I took up photography about 18 months ago and in talking with Lon, he mentioned your blog which I’ve followed now for the last 18-20 months. You are a very talented photographer and I enjoy your posts. Keeping good thoughts for Lon’s full recovery. Thank you for sharing your photography talent.

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