Falling Apart

Photo Feb 21- 12 26 47 PMJanuary 2015 was a tough month.  Our daughter’s family was in a car accident (no one hurt), my father turned out to be buried in a veterans’ cemetery, and my husband got shingles- and then had a heart attack.  Everything had a happy ending. Everyone is fine.  Life was getting back to normal.

And then my camera broke.

After all that had happened last month, it is pretty easy to see this as a small bump in the road.  Funny how health scares put everything else into perspective.  My camera is at a camera store (well, THE camera store) in Phoenix for an estimate on repair. It may have to be sent to Nikon, which could mean weeks without a camera (this is why serious photographers always have at least two camera bodies). I hope to hear from the repair guys today.

How did I break it? My friend, Stephanie and I were just starting  our presentation on posing for our little photo group.  The idea was to pose people and then take photos of each pose. My camera was on a tripod, tethered to my laptop, so that we could compare the poses.  I tested this out before the meeting. All worked fine. When I went to take the first photo, the shutter kind of went kerplink instead of kerplunk- and no picture was recorded.  The camera showed ERR- camera malfunction. I tried several times- untethered, tethered, SD cards switched out, battery replaced, lens removed and replaced- nothing.  Stephanie had brought her camera, so we continued as if nothing had happened, and the presentation was successful.  I met my husband for lunch after the meeting and told him I probably had just hit some strange unknown button and that I would figure it out when I got home. I googled the problem, tried everything I could think of- and then we drove it to Phoenix the next day. Long story short- yes, the shutter is not working.

After taking photos with my Nikon almost every day for the last 4 1/2 years, it feels strange to be without it.  But I’m planning to use the opportunity to become a better iPhoneographer. My goal is to learn more about the apps I have- especially VSCO, Hipstamatic, and Stackables. And then I want to practice with my husband’s Canon Powershot sx50, so I’m more comfortable with that as well.

I’m not sure what this means for my blog.  I will definitely be posting the best of the photos I take with the iPhone or the little Canon. I’ll try to do some of my BeStill and Studio assignments with my iPhone.  And I think I will look for some older photos to post as well.

Today’s photo was taken with my phone and edited in Snapseed and Stackables.



5 thoughts on “Falling Apart

  1. I love how the image (beautiful) falls right in with your title. I want to hear how you liked Tempe C? All of this is the reason why I pay yearly for a subscription with Canon so if something happens I don’t have to wait weeks for repair. I may not do that this year since I have my Fuji but I think you have a great plan to learn your phone if it does happen you need to send it in. You are great with that little camera phone. I hope Tempe can find the problem and you don’t have to send it in. I will send you an e-mail about some other things I wanted to ask. Have a good week Melinda.

  2. Your image is perfection, not only in composition, etc. but how it matches the title and content of your post – just wonderful. You truly had a tough month, my goodness – I’m so glad that everything is OK with your family. I’m sorry about your camera … that happened to me with my Nikon D7100 – it quit focusing and I was without it for a couple of months. I did have my old D7000 but really had to scramble to find the battery. Today, I would probably just use my phone for most images. Hope yours gets repaired real fast. Take care, Melinda.

  3. This is a very lovely and haunting photograph. The good thing is that you’re a wonder with your iPhone. I am so impressed with your iPhoneography. I hope you get good news from the camera store today.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that no one was hurt in the accident and that your husband is doing well. So sorry about your camera. I went through this not that long ago and yes, it was tough without my Nikon but I carried on shooting with my Nikon point and shoot that I bought way back in 2000 and it did a great job for me. I took it as an opportunity to show my readers just what a point and shoot can do as not everyone has a DSLR. I bet you’re going to do a great job!! But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your image!! So fitting for your post!

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