Adventures in Autofocus

My college roommate and photo buddy, Carol, came for the weekend, and, as always, we had great fun taking photos and sharing photography know-how.  Although we started photography at the same time, Carol and I have gone in somewhat different directions in photography; she has a pro quality camera and lenses and all the gear to go with them and has been on numerous photography trips with professional photographers to exotic places, which she photographs beautifully.  I have a great “enthusiast” quality camera and tend to gravitate more to still-life, flower, macro, and LENSBABY photos. Coincidentally, when we came together last weekend, we both had questions about autofocus modes- me, because I had been setting up my new camera, and she, because she had just returned from a bird photography trip to Texas, where she felt her birds-in-flight photos weren’t as good as she would have liked (they are FABULOUS!).

On Sunday we went on an excursion to Lynx Lake to experiment with different autofocus settings while photographing birds.  Although I didn’t manage to capture particularly good photographs of birds in flight, I was very pleased with my new camera’s focusing capabilities. I learned a few things, and, most importantly, had fun outdoors!

Double crested cormorant:




Which way shall we go?



One response

  1. Always fun to explore with a new like minded friend.

    March 23, 2015 at 5:42 am

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