Junior Rangers!

We are having a major heatwave, so our two days at the Grand Canyon were punctuated by frequent stops to refill water bottles and stand in the shade. The highlight of the trip was the boys being sworn in as Junior Rangers by a close family friend of theirs, who is indeed a big important ranger at the Grand Canyon.  The boys completed all the required pages (at different skill levels) of their official Junior Ranger books and then were sworn in front of a small crowd of curious tourists. They already have badges from Yellowstone, but this particular badge was significant because of the friend that did the ceremony for them. A sweet moment! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of them wearing the badges. . .


And here is a shot of the canyon (I’m amazed it’s as sharp as it is, since it was too hot to carry a tripod and the railings were too hot to lean on to steady the camera!):


3 thoughts on “Junior Rangers!

  1. Oh Junior Rangers!! Our kids were Junior Rangers and their badges are in their memory boxes. At that time they had a program every morning with the Rangers and we could stay back at camp for an hour of peace and quiet😜
    Congrats to the boys. A very special moment!

  2. Wow how thrilling!! It’s one of those things they will probably remember forever! The shot of the canyon is beautiful!

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