Sunset and Rain on the Colorado

We stayed at the Red Cliffs Lodge outside Moab on the Colorado River. This was a return trip for us, having first visited there in October 2014. This view is of the grounds by the restaurant, where we had just eaten dinner. I went outside to photograph the clouds at sunset, and then it started to rain.

2 thoughts on “Sunset and Rain on the Colorado

  1. Oh Melinda!! I just have to comment. It’s wonderful. The little camp looks so safe and cozy and then there is that sky…that vast and roiling sky. I was there for the first (and only) time in April just a few years ago. I have a “best” friend who has lived there for years. She is a painter and I love her and her work. I didn’t see anything but cobalt skies and red rock everywhere…oh, and the cactus in bloom (squee! My FIRST TIME!!) She had some astounding paintings of stormy skies over the high desert. And now with your photo… I get it. I could never live there: it’s just too hot in summer. But Jacci has made it home and takes her inspiration from the never-ending seasonal beauty and the power of that beauty…just as you have.
    Thanks for sharing what you see. We are enriched by your gifts.

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