It’s Caleb! I didn’t take too many photos with the Nikon (we were only there for a day and a half), but I do have some more from my iPhone I will upload in a day or two. I had big hopes of a family photo with the Santa hats, but it didn’t happen. No matter- he is cute in all his outfits! And the visit was not about taking photos anyway.

Caleb is on the verge of crawling- on the late side like his Daddy and his cousin Miles. He pushes up and then starts “swimming”- kicking his feet like crazy. He does get around with a modified army crawl. He doesn’t yet have the idea of going onto his knees except when going from sitting to scooting. He is interested in everything and is a happy, smiling boy who likes everyone. A grandparent delight!

Another photo with my Nikon- the beginning of the Santa hat photo shoot that didn’t quite happen.

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